Mum, Mummy, Mumma, Mama, Ma, Mother – no Mum should feel defined by their title, you were you before you became Mum and you are still you even when you are surrounded by incessant clapping Fisher Price toys, piles of clean washing to put away and a week of unwashed hair.

I still enjoy being ME, I love going out with my friends, eating out at UN-friendly child places, visiting places without having to hike a buggy, toddler and the cast of Thomas & Friends with me and taking nothing but a clutch bag with me.

I am so lucky to have two sets of grandparents, aunties, cousins and friends who adore having Frankie (we’ve even joked about making rotas so everyone gets their Frankie fix). It took me a long time to stop feeling guilty every time I went out, committed to something without him and I suppose to an extent I still do, there is always the odd person who will comment ‘I just don’t know how you can leave him’, ‘I can’t imagine doing anything without my babies’ & that is absolutely fine but don’t berate me because I am and I can:

  1. I am not leaving him with a stranger on the streets, he is with family & having the time of his life loading up on cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner & going to bed way past his bedtime (despite me saying otherwise)
  2. The longest time I have ever left Frankie for was when he was 7 months to go to Rome for 4 nights, he has no recollection, he was being weaned at the time and my boobs deserved a ‘well done for utilising me solely for 6 months’ city break.
  3. No one said when I got pregnant or handed me my matb1 form that I would be stopped from drinking bottomless prosecco with my friends
  4. Unfortunately I am not one of these Mums that could hack tying my baby onto my back, living off the soil and backpacking round Guatemala for six months, I hold my hands up and applaud you earth mamas, you go, but I prefer a disposable nappy
  5. I enjoy weekend city breaks and cramming in as much sight seeing as I can without a toddler whinging they’re bored or need a wee & I like to drink beer or stop for a cocktail

SO, I am exploring outside of my Mummy Blogging and hope you enjoy my blogs on, brunches, city breaks & places to go, do, see baby free x

thetwentyishme x