Frankie’s & the pre-op

Yesterday we had to attend Colchester Hospital for a pre-op appointment for Frankie who is having orchiopexy surgery next month. Orchiopexy (or orchidopexy) is a surgery to move an undescended (cryptorchid) testicle into the scrotum and permanently fix it there. Orchiopexy typically also describes the surgery used to resolve testicular torsion. When Frankie was around 6 months I realised that he only had one prominent … Continue reading Frankie’s & the pre-op

The Dick Turpin, Wickford (A127)

I’ve been coming to The Dick Turpin for years for birthday dinners & cheap meals as it’s just up the road from us so if I meet the girls for a drink at a neutral point, celebrate a family birthday and we don’t want to drive and now more so now I have Frankie as it has a softplay and park for to keep him … Continue reading The Dick Turpin, Wickford (A127)

The Saxon King, Southend

After seeing Little Baby Bum Live in Southend last month, I stumbled across The Saxon King in Southend, close to Priory Park, Prittlewell. The interior is so nice and homely and the outside has a lovely little park for the kids! The menus are well priced and the food was so nice! They offer a delicious flatbread menu, which I eventually settled on having the … Continue reading The Saxon King, Southend

The Great Baddow Barn, Chelmsford

Today a friend suggested lunch out because the diabolical rain stopped our plans of the park & we didn’t fancy a busy soft play especially as it’s the 6 weeks holiday and big kids are EVERYWHERE! So we decided to try the Great Baddow Barn as we’d heard good things and we wasn’t disappointed! We turned up at 11am & it was torrential raining so … Continue reading The Great Baddow Barn, Chelmsford

Potty Training – The Conquering?

I have had messages asking for advice on other Mummies starting their potty training (mis)adventure so I wanted to relay our journey with you! I do not claim by any means to be a parenting guru, my friends have heard me curse under my breath enough times to know I am by no means perfect but I love reading other parenting blogs and stories, especially … Continue reading Potty Training – The Conquering?

10 things I now know about Potty Training

Poo goes EVERYWHERE. You will get poo in places you didn’t know possible.. (back of your ear, behind your knees, you get the picture) You will experience a joy like no other when your child does that first poo on the potty (& still forget the date to put in their milestone book) The joy soon turns to disgust when you realise poo doesn’t quite … Continue reading 10 things I now know about Potty Training

CLOSED – Little Rascals Clubhouse

Today after seeing posts on of a new soft play in the area I decided to go and give it a try after seeing good reviews on Facebook. I usually tend to avoid softplay like The Plague at the weekends but with the miserable weather and Mum Guilt of a boring Saturday cleaning and shopping, I got us up and ready for opening time at … Continue reading CLOSED – Little Rascals Clubhouse