The Saxon King, Southend

After seeing Little Baby Bum Live in Southend last month, I stumbled across The Saxon King in Southend, close to Priory Park, Prittlewell. The interior is so nice and homely and the outside has a lovely little park for the kids! The menus are well priced and the food was so nice! They offer a delicious flatbread menu, which I eventually settled on having the … Continue reading The Saxon King, Southend

The Great Baddow Barn, Chelmsford

Today a friend suggested lunch out because the diabolical rain stopped our plans of the park & we didn’t fancy a busy soft play especially as it’s the 6 weeks holiday and big kids are EVERYWHERE! So we decided to try the Great Baddow Barn as we’d heard good things and we wasn’t disappointed! We turned up at 11am & it was torrential raining so … Continue reading The Great Baddow Barn, Chelmsford

Potty Training – The Conquering?

I have had messages asking for advice on other Mummies starting their potty training (mis)adventure so I wanted to relay our journey with you! I do not claim by any means to be a parenting guru, my friends have heard me curse under my breath enough times to know I am by no means perfect but I love reading other parenting blogs and stories, especially … Continue reading Potty Training – The Conquering?

The you before you became a Mum ❤️

Do you ever look back at pictures of yourself before you became a Mum and think how easy and carefree it all was? No care for anyone else but yourself doing what you want when you want not having to keep a pack of quavers and an emergency dummy in your hand bag or check they haven’t done a poo every time you go to … Continue reading The you before you became a Mum ❤️

So.. When you having another?!

‘So are you thinking of having another one?’, ‘When are you going to start trying for baby number two?’, ‘You know two years is a really good age gap to start trying again!’. Since my little boy turned two I have been asked when baby number two will be making an appearance. A lot of the Mums, friends and celebrities who were pregnant/had babies around the same time … Continue reading So.. When you having another?!