I nearly have a 3 year old!

How has this happened?! In the blink of an eye my chubby 9 month little fidget bum is turning 3 next month, he’s potty trained, no longer takes a bottle at night and doesn’t need Mummy there all the time anymore. He is a self-sufficient toddler, in the last year he has learnt so much, his speech is commented on all the time, everyone says … Continue reading I nearly have a 3 year old!

Frankie & The Orchiopexy Operation

Following our pre-op appointment at Colchester Hospital, Frankie’s & the pre-op, the two weeks following flew past and before I knew it was op day for Frankie! We took him to Southend-On-Sea to Adventure Island, Southend on Sea the night before so we could enjoy the rides and eat sugary doughnuts and salty chips in the hope that he wouldn’t be ravenous by the morning as he … Continue reading Frankie & The Orchiopexy Operation

Dear Working Parents..

Dear Working Parents, We’re doing it, YOU’re doing it. A working parent is having to choose going to work and trusting your child to someone else’s care. A working parent is coordinating extra hours here, missing a lunch break there, to make sure you are there in time for parents evening, school plays & charity fetes. A working parent is taking a deep breath and … Continue reading Dear Working Parents..

Feeling Broody!?

As Frankie’s third birthday approaches I am finding myself thinking more and more about having another baby. I always mentally thought that I would be trying, if not pregnant around his third birthday, with baby number two. The fact that I’m not has been weighing heavily on my head at the moment, I feel like so many people I know are getting pregnant, trying to … Continue reading Feeling Broody!?

Dear The Friends I Lost Along The Way

Dear All My Old Friends, I don’t know how it happened but life got in the way, we stopped being there for each other and now we’re friends no more. Was it when I became a Mum? Was we already drifting before then? I can’t put my finger on the day you left but when my life became consumed by nipple pads, Baby TV and leaps yours … Continue reading Dear The Friends I Lost Along The Way

Frankie’s & the pre-op

Yesterday we had to attend Colchester Hospital for a pre-op appointment for Frankie who is having orchiopexy surgery next month. Orchiopexy (or orchidopexy) is a surgery to move an undescended (cryptorchid) testicle into the scrotum and permanently fix it there. Orchiopexy typically also describes the surgery used to resolve testicular torsion. When Frankie was around 6 months I realised that he only had one prominent … Continue reading Frankie’s & the pre-op

Potty Training – The Conquering?

I have had messages asking for advice on other Mummies starting their potty training (mis)adventure so I wanted to relay our journey with you! I do not claim by any means to be a parenting guru, my friends have heard me curse under my breath enough times to know I am by no means perfect but I love reading other parenting blogs and stories, especially … Continue reading Potty Training – The Conquering?

10 things I now know about Potty Training

Poo goes EVERYWHERE. You will get poo in places you didn’t know possible.. (back of your ear, behind your knees, you get the picture) You will experience a joy like no other when your child does that first poo on the potty (& still forget the date to put in their milestone book) The joy soon turns to disgust when you realise poo doesn’t quite … Continue reading 10 things I now know about Potty Training