Tis the Season to read books

Tis the Season to read books

Last Christmas the Elf brought a book for us to read each day, I didn’t buy one new book as it’s the season of goodwill, instead I shopped charity shops & ended up with 24 for under £10. I picked books relating to Frankie such as starting school, of course Christmas books, dinosaurs etc. When it was over we gave some back to charity shops & the rest we kept.

This year so far we can’t browse charity shops, a lot of the ones close to me have remained shut throughout lockdown but I still wanted to maintain buying & giving back by way of books so I have used World of Books this year. World Of Books Group rehome and recycle over 75 million books a year & give to charity too.

I thought I would share a few of the books I’ve purchased for the boys this year & ideas for your little ones. Their prices are so reasonable and the books state the condition they’re in upon buying.

Jack absolutely loves flip-flap books so I picked this one up for just £2.99. Click here to buy – http://ebay.us/BKa8Nl

Guess Who? Christmas

Jack LOVES watching In The Night Garden, Upsy Daisy is his favourite, I got so excited when I saw ‘Everybody Loves Christmas!’ as I have never seen it in the shops! Click here to buy.

One of the very few words Jack can say is ‘Peppa’ so I had to buy these two for him this year. World of Books has lots of Peppa Pig, especially Christmas themed books! I know he’ll especially love the noisy one and pressing the buttons.
Click here to purchase ‘Peppa’s Christmas’
Click here to purchase ‘Stomp and Roar’

Who remembers reading Kipper? I found this one on here & couldn’t resist buying it for Jack! Click here to buy.

Kipper’s Christmas Eve

Frankie is showing a lot more interest in Marvel characters so I thought purchasing the collection would really help feed his interest, it was just £4.49 saving over 30% of the RRP. Click here to buy.

Marvel Storybook Collection

Last year Frankie got ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped the Past’ & then ‘The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas’ and he literally roars with laughter every time we read it & when I noticed this book on World Books I had to get it for just £3.99! Click here to buy.

Like the above, this book is written by Tom Fletcher and I have heard good things about ‘The Christmasaurus’ so I bought it for Frankie, it’s less than half the RRP too. Click here to buy ‘The Christmasaurus’.


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