Blame it on the Breastfeeding Blogger..

Blame it on the Breastfeeding Blogger..

Guess who got her ‘golden boobs’? Me! THAT’S RIGHT!

Though my boobs are social distancing a lot more than the public are these days, I’ve managed 13 months & counting of successfully feeding Jack & I am stunned.

So many times, especially in the first three months I wanted to stop, I literally cried myself to sleep because I knew the next time I opened my eyes my leech baby would be wanting to latch himself onto me again and for god knows how long.. It’s a really hormonal time in the beginning, your boobs are producing so much more milk than they need because they’re trying to regulate and get it right for your baby and you can’t work out if you’re coming or going.

When we came up to the six month mark, I thought he’d start wanting a bottle more as he’d be eating solids.. Well no that didn’t go to plan, if anything when he was thirsty he wanted Mummy again!

At the 9month mark he still wasn’t sleeping a full night and I was frankly exhausted, after some helpful tips from Sleep Like a Baby I stopped letting him fall asleep on the boob and started looking for cues that he was ready for sleep, such as eye rubbing, fussing on my boob & generally being tetchy.

It worked, he now goes down like clockwork between 6:30-7pm and the boy is an early riser, he gets up between 5:30-6am most days but it means morning cuddles for Mummy I guess!

& when the world is ‘fixed’ again and we’re in the swing of me going to work properly and doing Frankie’s school run I won’t mind so much!

I am always honest and frank when it comes to my breastfeeding journey with Jack, it left me a little upset and shaken last week on Instagram when I announced I felt that 18 months was the goal I wanted to reach and have Jack off by and I had a lot of ‘unsavoury’ messages from the Dawns and Karens of the world who made me feel rubbish..

It’s the first time I’ve experienced real ‘trolling’ on my blog and I didn’t like it. I am generally a happy positive person and I’m a strong one too, but it did rock me a little and made me question why I started blogging in the first place.

Having a few days reflection I decided to log back in tonight and I was stunned at the amount of messages I had, over 60+ (which to me is TONS) I was gobsmacked. So many struck me in different ways, the mums that praised me for being open and honest & some even said I aided their breastfeeding journey and encouraged them not to give up! Others literally cheerleaded me NOT to give up on my blog, told me to go spend the weekend without it and be back on Monday because they’d miss me!

Growing a blog organically like I do has been lovely but tough at times, especially through lockdown & especially now I’m working two days a week and my sideline Scentsy business has taken off in ways I could never of imagined and I’m now directing a team of over 25+! Join my facebook page here.

But it’s not something I’m giving up on, Tracey Trolls you’ll have to do more to keep me away.. xx


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