Swimming Lessons @ Everyone Active

Swimming Lessons @ Everyone Active

Frankie has always enjoyed swimming from a young age, he first swum at 6 weeks old and has come on leaps and bounds since starting lessons last July at Everyone Active.

Everyone Active offer 11 stages of swimming lessons for children aged from just four months old.

4 months old – 36 months old are parent/baby classes, when Frankie was 2 we attended these for 3 terms at our local pool & it’s a mixture of songs and learning water confidence with toys.

Last July I signed Frankie back up to Everyone Active as I wanted something ‘routine’ we did each week after Jack was born. He is in the Pre-School Stage 1 group, red hats with 5 other little swimmers.

Each week he sits at the poolside and awaits to get in safely with his teacher where they follow the same style lesson, encouraging them to swim front and backstroke with floats, in the recent weeks he hasn’t needed any armbands and can do backstroke!

Frankie’s confidence in the water on our holiday in Morocco last September really shone through and I think it’s all down to his lessons at Everyone Active, he was showing off dunking his head under the water with his goggles like a little duck.

I pay a monthly direct debit for Frankie’s classes which is no more than £30 pm! & the lessons run all through half terms and school holidays, the only weeks it doesn’t run is Christmas which I think is great for consistency especially at a young age.

The worst part of his lessons is definently putting on the swimming hat! Even 8 months on silly Mummy is always forgetting the talc!

Jack will be signed up to lessons once I am back at work so we have our swimming dates together too and he grows confident in the water! I personally think learning to swim is a really important life skill & would love Frankie and Jack in the future to get competitive.

Check out Everyone Active Swimming Lessons in your area here.

*we pay a monthly direct debit for lessons, in exchange for this post Everyone Active gifted a 6 week term for an honest review.


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