Rock Up, Lakeside

Rock Up, Lakeside

Kid, you’ll move mountains! ⠀
Today is your day! ⠀
Your mountain is waiting. ⠀
So get on your way!

We visited Lakeside’s newest family adventure & had so much fun. It’s the perfect location and venue for family fun, we are at Lakeside at least once a month & now Rock Up is there it’s good bartering with Frankie material to do a good shop first!

Frankie was beyond excited to be met with the different colours, shapes and sizes of the climbing walls!

We went to the toddler climb, every day 10-11am which is aimed at up to 5 year olds, they are fitted into a climbing vest when you arrive and demonstrated how to clip them on and off the walls. It was so easy Frankie was almost doing it by himself by the end of the hour!

The light up wall was Frankie’s favourite & he also loved the moving wall too. He was so brave by the end he was getting higher and higher on each go!

There’s also a softplay and cafe on site which you have unlimited day access to meaning you can pop in and out of the shopping centre.

The oreo and nutella muffins were AMAZING!

Massively recommend visiting Rock Up & they also do birthday parties which I would definently consider for Frankie’s birthday this year!

Thank you for having us!

Rock Up Website

intu Lakeside Shopping Centre, West Thurrock, RM20 2ZP

*we were gifted a visit in exchange for an honest review


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