7 Months Breastfeeding..

7 Months Breastfeeding..

It never crosses my mind now when I go to feed Jack public or home, I just get on with it. Gradually I know that we will be reaching a peak soon and that it could stop tomorrow but I am so proud that we’ve come this far.

Dear Breastfeeding Mama,

I see you, you’ll spend many hours, sometimes it’ll feel like days in this position with baby tucked under your arm nuzzling on you for what seems like forever. ⠀

If you can get through the first threeish weeks, combat the right position and latch for you, sore nipples & the overwhelming hormones, you can do it. ⠀

Looking back I didn’t think we’d ever get this far, I kept benchmarking our journey to end at the next month and here we are almost eight months later feeding off of me. ⠀

Mum of 2+? You’ll feel so much guilt, when your eldest needs pushing on the swing, help with wiping their bum, completing that puzzle and you’re stuck under baby nursing, you’ll also feel resentful. It’s N O R M A L. ⠀

So many of you message me asking me how, with Frankie I barely managed 3ish months and that was combi feeding due to jaundice, second time round I’m much more relaxed & determined. That’s the only ‘how’ I have for you.

My inbox is always open, any of them, anytime xx


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