Goodbye 2019

Goodbye 2019

I find New Year profound, I feel overcome with emotion wherever I am when the clock strikes 12am and I am always filled with anxiety when the countdown comes on and I can’t put an exact finger on why. I feel a sense of foreboding, apprehensive that the year is leaving us and a greater sense that it’s entering another year older and without someone we love. I know most of my emotion lays from losing my Nan last year and from 2014 when she initially had her fall.

New Year of course this year isn’t just waving the year goodbye, it’s a decade passed by. It feels even more dramatic, I have spent New Year in overpriced nightclubs queuing too long for drinks, I have spent New Year in my Mum’s kitchen watching Hyde Park and singing down the countdown with tears pouring down my face and the fact I get into such an emotional state is another reason I choose to do nothing!

The year has been full of amazing things, 2019 was the year I became a Mummy for the second time.. Welcoming Jack Jack has made our family in ways I didn’t know we needed & watching Frankie become a brother has just been wonderful. My blog has hit more followers than I could of ever imagined, Frankie has grown into a boy from a toddler and his school application has been signed, sealed and delivered. We had a great few breaks away to, Haven Hopton, Haven The Orchards, Morocco, Center Parcs & being Maid of Honour was amazing too.

I always make New Years Resolutions, not always keep them though… Next year I plan to

  • Get fit in preparation for the marathon
  • Start reading more books, I love a book and miss sitting there engrossed
  • Focus on making as many memories with Frankie & Jack as I can before my big bug starts school
  • Grow my blog and focus more on writing

So cheers to you 2019 & a decade of memory making, the most important decade I’ll ever live, the one I became a Mummy…

Goodbye to the decade I met Mitch and became a Mummy to two beautiful boys.

Goodbye to the decade my Nan changed forever & the decade she passed in, I wrote more about her in this blog post & I am so pleased I can run the marathon this year in her memory. 2018-the-year-i-lost-my-nan-x

Happy New Year, thank you to everyone that’s read my posts and followed me xx


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