October #MamasMatterToo

October #MamasMatterToo

I’ve not been feeling ‘myself’ for a while now, I feel like my life is a constant stream of washing, remembering doctors dates, to get Jack weighed, putting away Frankie’s tracks to come back and they’re out again, trying to get to classes on time for Frankie & Jack, nursery pick up and drop off, getting the washing up done, remembering to pluck my eyebrows before they mono-brow, juggling love between two boys & the constant other 1,00001 things going round and round in my head. ⠀

Usually this time of year I’m buzzing for my birthday celebrations, I haven’t even chosen a place to go or an outfit.. Friends that I had still haven’t met Jack, work is a constant worry in the back of my head how fast time is flying, how I’m going to afford Christmas this year etc etc. ⠀

So I had an idea to reclaim back MY birthday month, by creating #MamasMatterToo, 30 other Mamas (& I hope more encouraged) will be sharing their answers to my questions every day, the honest shit that comes with motherhood, what makes them feel better after a testing day, their favourite drinks 🍷 🍹 & where they’d be if they wasn’t ‘just a mama’.

It won’t be the normal ‘I LOVE pregnancy because’, ‘I LOVE motherhood because’.. it’ll be the LEAST favourite parts of pregnancy, the LEAST favourite parts of raising baby and motherhood because when your toddler is throwing a meltdown, your stretchmarks are growing by the day & your baby won’t sleep, the last thing you need to scroll on your feed is another baby shitting rainbows and giggling shooting stars.. ⠀

I launched with 31 amazing mamas on Tuesday 1st October & I hope we’ll inspire more of you to do your own #MamasMatterToo, because we do 🖤🖤🖤🖤⠀

Here what you need to do
1. Take a picture or selfie in front of a brick wall of YOU⠀
2. Answer a set of questions ⠀
3. Post at any point in October ⠀
That’s it! ♥️

*copy and paste questions*

I’m taking part in #MamasMatterToo inspired by @_thetwentyishmum because **

Before I had my children I ** ⠀

Least Favourite Part of Pregnancy:⠀**
My Most Embarrassing Mummy Moment:⠀**
The Worst Thing I Find About Motherhood:⠀**
What Makes ME Feel Better: ⠀**
My Favourite Drink Is:⠀**
If I Wasn’t a Mum I Would Be: ⠀**

Share your #MamasMatterToo post, snap a selfie, use the hashtag & write your story ⠀

Share yours with the hashtag #MamasMatterToo.⠀
I hope you join in to, because we matter just as much as them!⠀ 🖤🖤🖤🖤

I was thrilled to be included in Essex Live’s ‘Essex’s most inspirational mums you need to follow on Instagram’. I’m listed among famous Essex Mums such as my favourites, Stacey Solomon, Mrs Hinch, Giovanna Fletcher! My picture is the one that comes up on the article first ME!

I was over the moon, I remember the same article wrote up last year when I had only been blogging a month or so and I felt disheartened I wasn’t on there.. I literally only had a few 100 followers and barely any content so why would I of been? But now I know so much more about what I’m doing and the content I want to give on my blog channels!.. I think.. hehe..


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