Holidaying with a Baby

Holidaying with a Baby

We’ve just got back from a week in Morocco staying at the Aqua Mirage Hotel, same resort as last year. This year we went back as a family of four & Mitch’s sister came along too, we had such a lovely time.

I had so many comments from people, not believing that I was taking a 3 month old baby away, we waited to take Frankie away until he was almost 1, it was lovely but a total nightmare, he was crawling, climbing and shuffling around things, we didn’t get a minute to ourselves because he simply didn’t stay still!

Jack’s ‘routine’ *if you can call it that.. wasn’t affected, he loved the dedicated time and attention from all of us, the daily gears of housework and constantly in and out of the car weren’t there and he actually slept much better there than he ever has here! So I may crank the heating up to 38 every night here and let him sleep in a wooden cot ha ha..

If you can and want to I would totally recommend travelling with a baby! It was SO much easier than you can ever envisage, as we’re still breastfeeding too it was even easier without the powdered formula or sterilizing like I did with Frankie back in 2016, that was a total ball ache! I was apprehensive feeding openly in Morocco but no one batted an eyelid, everyone smiled and took him off of us for cuddles and kisses most of the time, the one time we ventured to the souks I asked if I could feed and the man looked surprised I’d asked but I did make sure I covered up.

Last year I made a ‘packing list with a toddler’, which is basically the same as a newborn but below I’ve put a few of our must haves that we used away & some tips and questions answered that I’ve been asked over on Instagram.

Did you take a car seat?

No we didn’t take a car seat for either Jack or Frankie, we didn’t take a buggy for Frankie either so we used a baby carrier through the airport & he sat on our lap on the plane/coach to the hotel.

How did Jack cope with the heat?

On the highest days it got to 40 degrees and we kept Jack in the shade with his clip on fan on him most of the time which was rechargable with a USB, we also used a flannel to cool him down throughout the day with pool water. He was honestly a complete angel abroad, slept loads and throughout the day & in and out of the pool for quick dips.

What SPF did you use on Jack & Frankie?

We took two bottles of aldi Lacura 50, and a roll on & another 50 Ambre Solaire. We used on Frankie 2-3 times a day coated him and only on Jack’s legs once a day sparingly as it isn’t recommended for their skin but there were unavoidable times of the day his legs would stick out the buggy and rather than wake him we coated them!

Is the resort child-friendly?

I’d highly recommend Aqua Mirage in Marrakech, Morocco, I did a full blog post last year. Not much has changed since, the food has got better & so had the cocktails! If you like walking and exploring islands it probably isn’t for you as it isn’t near a beach but when you’ve got young kids and want everything in one place it’s perfect.

How did you get on the plane?

Both children were great, Frankie was so excited to get there he colored with his Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free pens, played and read his comics and Jack fed through take-off slept most of the 3ish hour flight and fed on coming down, though he pooed through his babygro and my trousers on the way which was literally ‘a bit shit!’. On the way back Frankie colored and looked out the window and ate the 19 Euro kinder eggs he robbed me for at the airport and Jack slept and fed.

How did you pack the Sleepyhead?

I unzipped the roll around and put it in the case and packed inside of it and then I placed the middle bit on top of all the clothes in the case and it just slotted in.

What Buggy did you use?

Kindercraft Grande Pushchair. I bought it off of Groupon as part of a deal but you can find it online too. It folded down in half and flattened too which was the main thing I looked for, Jack was very comfortable in it and it zips around easy too. The hood also comes right down and it has a zip pocket. Buy it here.

Other Essentials

Mummy Clip – I bought this and hung the towels and changing bag off of it as the basket underneath the pram isn’t big enough. It’s absolutely lifechanging. Buy it here.

Aquaint Sanitising Water – all of Jack’s toys, rattles and keys round the pool if we dropped I sprayed with this and it made me feel better. It’s natural and safe to use from birth. Buy it here.

Clip On Fan – lifesaver, it has different functions high to low & we clipped it on his buggy, the sunbed and the chairs in the evening. You use the USB to charge it and overnight charing lasted all day. Buy it here.

Baby Carrier – when walking from check in to customs and to collect your cases it was so much easier to put Jack in a carrier than physically carry him so you don’t have to worry about tripping or other people. We use the mamia carrier. Buy it here.

Also, if you are flying from Gatwick they had these handy buggies awaiting which I stuck a tired Frankie in! They are £1 so have one handy!

If you have any other questions ask away! xx

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