3 Months Of Breastfeeding

3 Months Of Breastfeeding

Here we are 3 months in and no signs of slowing down! I cannot believe I’ve made it this far! I am absolutely in awe of myself, it isn’t very often I can give myself praise but for this journey right here I will!

I’ve had my fair share of wobbles and guilt, guilty that I’m doing not doing right by Jack for breastfeeding him and not giving him bottles from the off, leaving him worrying whether he will be okay without me as his comfort, but he has always been fine and will take a bottle too, guilty that Frankie never asked for me to make this choice for his brother and I didn’t exclusively boob him, especially when I am stuck on the sofa for hours on end or he wants my attention and it doesn’t come until Jack has finished.

Breastfeeding comes with obstacles and I have been so lucky to not have suffered mastisis, tongue tie or issues so far. Our hardest obstacle was the projectile sick which was coming due to me having a fast let down for the first 6ish weeks, he fed so much and wouldn’t burp so it would all build up in his little stomach and come out with a vengeance.

Feeding on demand versus feeding every 4 hours is tough going, but so am I.. Some days Jack will go a few hours in between a feed, now he’s 3 months I’m not panicking when he cries and shoving my nipple in his mouth, I’ll try to calm him and spot the signs first e.g. fist suckling or rooting for the boob. I was so nervous that he wouldn’t thrive that I wouldn’t even wait for the signals, if he showed any sign of distress in it went! Now it’s got so much better.

Last time I had him weight he was 14lbs + so I am definently making enough for him, that’s never been a concern for my chunky boy!

Feeding in the night is so much easier when you’re breastfeeding, no more up and down nights (except the fact Jack actually doesn’t sleep..) but no waiting for the prep machine or getting out of your warm bed, slide and scoop and off he feeds back to sleep!

Despite the comments ‘breastfed babies don’t sleep’, ‘rod for your own back’ blah blah we’ve carried on & on the nights I have gone out or days I have left him and he’s had a bottle.. Guess what.. He STILL survived, he’s STILL happy. Boobie Terorrists are the worst type of women, the ones that make you believe that if you leave your breastfed babies for a minute that your areolas are going to fall off and your child will grow up with developmental issues because of separation anxiety..

Going out for 6+ hours Jack-free means an instant boob job, leaky nipples and a whole lot of feeling uncomfortable. I’ve had to hand express into the toilet bowl literally every time on a night out to relieve the pressure and once I’m home I literally have both pumps, the MAM & Lansinoh on either boob, the relieve is like taking your bra off at the end of the day x1,000!!

if you are ever worried you arent’t producing enough, go on a night out away from them and see what happens! I can easily fill 4-5 freezer bags with 6oz after being out! I got caught walking up the communal stairs to my flat by the postman clutching the milk I’d expressed at a friends in my hand for Jack!!

I’ve overcome feeding on trains, tubes, park benches, packed resturaunts, cinema, bowling and more. People do look, but they don’t bat an eyelid! I don’t make it obvious, I cover where I can with a muslin but if it’s hot, I’ll position myself so I’m not blatantly sitting with my breast in someones face. If I ever see someone else breastfeeding in public, I look too, in awe and pride that that Mama has also overcome barriers and is choosing to breastfeed in public, so I like to think that those staring at me feel the same admiration that I do which is why they’re looking. My breastfeeding must haves are listed here.

I’m not entirely sure when we will start to stop, we go to Morocco at the end of September and I know I’ll most definently still be breastfeeding them but I need to work out what we’ll take to sterilize the pump as it’s the same hotel we went to last year and the rooms didn’t have fridges so it’s something I need to look into when we’re packing!

We have been chosen as brand reps for Mama Bear and Cubs also on a term and as such was gifted a beautiful teething necklace, teething bangle and teether bear to use. Jack has started to grip the necklace when we’re feeding and I try to take it when we’re out especially so he associates that comfort with me. Check them out here Instagram – @MamaBearAndCubsJewellery. Use code JACK10 if you order anything for a cheeky discount!

Our journey to date has been hard, loving, emotional and so rewarding but I wouldn’t change it. I’m glad I’ve come this far and every day yet to come is a bonus. My top tips on what you need to know about breastfeeding. My inbox is ALWAYS open for advice or tips.. I haven’t followed a book or advice, I’ve done what works for me and my family.


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