Two Months Old – Jack

Two Months Old – Jack

The days and weeks go so much faster the second time around, I feel like I’m blinking and Jack is growing by the minute. There isn’t enough hours in the day to achieve everything that needs to be done but it’s a good day if both boys go to bed with a smile on their face & a tummy well fed! Even if Mama is absolutely run ragged by the time 7pm rolls around!

Jack, you are so loved by your brother, I thought the novelty would of worn off by now or he would at least be calming down but if anything he wants to be around you even more now you are smiling and laughing, his favourite thing to do is make your lovely little face light up!

I can’t believe we are at 10 weeks breastfeeding (this post is two weeks late sorry, you are typically the second child in all ways hehe).. After such a cut short journey with your brother I am so proud that you latch & are such a booby monster!! We spend a lot of our days like this but that’s okay because your brother loves to come and sit and chat to us & nothing comforts you more. Click for my breastfeeding must haves.

When I got you weighed last week you were a healthy 14 pounds!! Mummy’s chunky monkey but you are so loved x

You’ve started falling asleep between 7-8pm and going right through 6ish hours then waking BUT then you seem to LOVE staying awake for giggles at 4-5am and shutting your eyes again when your brother decides to come wandering in leaving Mummy shattered but maybe I am just destined to have early bird boys!

I have FINALLY signed us up for baby massage which we start in September and I can’t wait to have that quality time with you and meet you some baby friends to grow with (& Mummy coffee/wine friends!)

Nothing makes us happier than being a family of four & everyone is very jealous of your hair! It’s the first thing anyone says to us ‘look at his hair!’ Our perfect little darling x


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