Lansinoh Combi Pump *AD*

Lansinoh Combi Pump *AD*

I was over the moon when I was accepted by Lansinoh as an influencer panel team members for their newly launched Combi Pump featuring a Compact Single Electric Breast Pump and Breastmilk Collector. They sent me the pump to honestly review and I am extremely impressed with the pump and breastmilk collector.

Breastfeeding is hard work, I take my hat off to every Mum that has done it whether that be for 6 hours, 6 days or 6 months and beyond! For us, expressing works too, I exclusively feed Jack whilst I am with him, but I still enjoy the odd night out, (rarely but I do!), or to continue to function as a Mum of two it’s great to have a backsupply if I feel that feeding him is taking up the best part of the day!

Firstly, the Pump is so easy to put together and take apart, which is great especially for a Mum on the go, the small lightweight design is ideally formed for using away from home e.g. trips away from baby. The pump unit can easily fit into the palm of your hand and it has a simple LED front which indicates which of the 5 adjustable suction levels on the ‘let down phase’ and ‘expression phase’.

The ‘let down phase’ mimics the beginning suckling baby does when latching onto feed and you can adjust it slower or faster on the panel, as you can also do on the expression phase to maximize milk flow. The let down phase automatically runs for 2 minutes to allow your boobs to ‘warm up’ as they would if baby was feeding from you. You can revert between the two by clicking the ‘raindrop photo’.

I was impressed on my first pump at 7 weeks postpartum that I got 6 ounces from pumping one boob for just 10 minutes! Mighty ‘pulling power’ from such a small device!

Secondly, the Breastmilk collector, a simple yet effective way to collect breastmilk from the ‘redundant’ boob, as we all know let down can leak when using one boob. I use the collector when I am feeding Jack too, especially in the mornings, when my flow is at it’s highest I can sometimes collect 2 ounces extra!

It comes with a handy neck strap which attaches onto the Collector to prevent spills and a suction base for further protection against spills.

There is also a cap to put onto if you are keeping it on the side to add to a milk storage bottle later on.

Overall I am highly impressed with the quality of the Lansinoh Electric Combi Breast Pump, I think the Breast Collector is a great addition without having to buy a Tandem Pump and get the most from your boobs!

I’d definently recommend to all new Mamas hoping to breastfeed or current Mamas that want to express alongside feeding their babies.

The Lansinoh Electric Combi Breast Pump is available to buy exclusively at Boots here.

Thank you @LansinohFamily for choosing us! #LansinohReview #ad


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