Logan’s Plate Meals

Logan’s Plate Meals

Logan’s Plate Meals provide fresh wholesome meals for little ones aged 6 months – 4 years. All meals are made by hand with fresh ingredients and orders are all delivered on a Tuesday afternoon to use for the following week. There is no subscription meaning you can order as little or as lot as you like for the following week.

Having a newborn and making sure Frankie is getting wholesome meals than bunging turkey dinosaurs in every night is hard work! But having Logan’s in the fridge has been fantastic, knowing the meals are organic and packed full with veggies, and Frankie has loved tasting them and choosing his own meal each night.

The portion sizes are fantastic for little ones, though for Frankie personally could definently be slightly bigger but overall their age bracket 6months-4years, which Frankie is rapidly approaching, they’re spot on!

We were kindly gifted 6 Logan’s Plate Meals to try, we had:

  • Green Veggie Pasta,
  • Lamb Curry,
  • Rainbow Rice with Chicken,
  • Salmon & Pea Coconut Rice,
  • Spaghetti Bolognese and
  • Veggie Pie

As I wasn’t the one eating them, I asked Frankie for his honest review on each meal and here is what he thought –

  • Green Veggie Pasta – this one was his least favourite, he said it tasted a bit yucky so I added some of our chicken and cheese we had with dinner and he enjoyed it, so I think he purely missed meat on it!
  • Lamb Curry – Frankie LOVED this, he’s never had lamb curry before and he asked if there was any left he literally polished it down! I’ll definently be ordering a few of these for the freezer for him!
  • Rainbow Rice with Chicken – ‘well Mummy this one is a lot ‘alicious’ yummy!!’
  • Salmon & Pea Coconut Rice – another winner for Frankie, he loved it & there was a lot of salmon for the portion size which was great!
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – can’t go wrong with a bolognese, I cooked up some garlic bread too and he loved mopping it up.
  • Veggie Pie – unlike the pasta, he didn’t miss the meat, he said it was lovely and cheesy! Another one I’ll definently order a stock for the freezer

Logan’s Plate Meals are reasonably priced, full of the right veg for your little ones & convenient to have for those nights you get in from work late, decide to order yourself a cheeky takeaway or the nights you just cannot be bothered!

Thank you so much for our meals, we’ve loved trying them out and we’ll be ordering more soon.

Use code for BEC10 for 10% off your first order when ordering through Logan’s Plate Meals.


*we were gifted six meals*


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