Oh Jack, a month of you darling! You’ve slotted into our lives so easily it’s like you’ve always been here, dreaming of baby Kev has been replaced with growling cuddles from you, last week you were 9lb 6oz, I wonder what you’ll be next weigh in. You make your brother so happy, he loves and adores you, I keep waiting for the novelty to wear off but every morning he comes beaming into the bedroom, usually waking you with a jump but it’s all done out of love!!

You wake every 3-4 hours with longer periods of being more alert now, you show no signs of any routine yet but that’s okay. Wonder Weeks shows their first leap around 4-5 weeks, ‘the world of Changing Sensations’ and I’m ready!

Breastfeeding is established & despite mummy’s ‘fast let down’ the spluttering is settling and nothing sends you to sleep faster than being on mummy, we feed everywhere together & last week I left you for the first night with Daddy and you took the bottle well! MAM featured my breastpump review on their instagram, I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve noticed your eyes starting to follow the sound of our voices round the room & your arms go when your brother walks into a room because I think you are excited he’s there.

The fastest month of my life.. 💙 & I couldn’t love you more if I tried.


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