Getting Back In The ‘Swing of Things’..

Getting Back In The ‘Swing of Things’..

I keep blaming my lack of remembering to do things on the fact that I am still not ‘back into the swing of things’, oh & the fact that Jack is obviously only 4 weeks new..

My to do list seems to be never ending, a bit like Jack’s sudden need to feed off of me every other hour (5 week leap is a clingy one!), I feel like I am motivated one moment, the next I am still sat on the sofa, catching up on last night’s Love Island still with 101 things to get done that day.

Jack is out of newborn clothing & filling up to 1 month, I spend more time with a boob out than not, the washing keeps piling up, carpets need a decent hoover, I had an almost 6 week outgrow on my nails with not enough hours in the day to get to the nail shop, piles of ironing to put away litter the floors and I am overwhelmed most days to try and get going with two little ones in tow.

My beautiful nails, which I had in labour with Jack.. Frankie took this photo!

But I can’t sit in and watch the mess, life with two has been easier to manage out of the house than in.Washing piles are still there when I get back from meeting a friend or going to Mums house. Sitting indoors has never been something I enjoy doing, I love being out and about but it does make me my own worse enemy.

Breastfeeding while hoovering.. A new sport?

Last week I felt so overwhelmed until I was reminded, JACK IS THREE WEEKS OLD WHICH MEANS YOU PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY HAD A TRAUMATIC BIRTH, JUST THREE WEEKS AGO. I managed to get my hair dyed & cut and I can wee sitting down, I’ve finally unpacked my hospital bag, I’ve lost weight, I’m confidently breastfeeding in public, Frankie is settled and I finally got Jack weighed and in he weighed in at 9lb 6oz, how amazing that I’ve done that with just my two titties!

I’m so lucky!

We go away in September, getting Jack a passport and finding mine (which seems to have vanished since Budapest last November, is on my never ending to do list, along with applying for child benefit for J, booking up Frankie swimming lessons, writing reviews for the blog, fitting in family and friends, playdates, booking Jack into a sensory massage class, starting his memory books etc etc. The list quite literally goes on and on and on..

So while I still don’t quite have myself back in the swing of things, I’m doing my best and the me four weeks ago sitting in the corner of the sofa, torn, sore and low is getting there.. & that has gotta show for something!


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