3 Weeks loving you Jack

3 Weeks loving you Jack

The weeks are flying, I don’t remember it going so fast with Frankie but then again I didn’t have a 3 year old that likes 6am wake up calls and dictating me about then.

I’ve managed to breast feed Jack for almost four weeks and I couldn’t be prouder, this weekend I will be leaving him for a hen do I’ve arranged and am Maid of Honor for & I’ve been ‘milking like crazy’! Despite being attacked on a terroist ‘mummy breastfeeding support page’ for asking advice on how much milk to pump to leave Daddy, I am feeling positive about Jack enjoying some QT with Daddy. I’ve pumped over 30 ounces for just over 24 hours away from him & though I am feeling apprehensive I’m excited to get a dress and heels on, even if it does mean shaving my legs!

Jack is a dream, he is handsome and happy & we are so in love with him. He’s slotted into a space I didn’t know was empty, I know how cliche that sounds but every Mum worried about how they are going to find it in themselves to have another after their firstborn, you will & it’ll be an amazing adventure.

I look at him and find myself comparing everything to Frankie, though I absolutely promised myself I wouldn’t! I can see that they’re quite clearly very similar, Frankie is the absolute spit of his Daddy and Jack is showing some features of mine. Here’s a photo of Frankie on the left and Jack on the right, both taken at 3ish weeks.

I am looking for groups for just me and Jack to do whilst Frankie is at nursery, I did a baby massage group from 6 weeks with Frankie so I want to make sure I get that one on one with Jack too.

Jack, you don’t even know but in your little life so far we’ve been to Lakeside, Sainsburys, TGI Fridays, softplay, the cinema to see Toy Story 4 and the farm. Your brother hadn’t done all that in his first three weeks, but because of him you will see so much more and have so much more fun earlier on because being your and your brother’s Mummy is my favourite thing to do.


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