When Frankie Met Jack

When Frankie Met Jack

I didn’t think two things were possible when I had Jack:
That I would be able to share my love enough for both, I was wrong, Jack has slotted into our lives into a gap I didn’t know was there. To all those Mums worrying, your love doesn’t half, it doubles.
That having Jack would make me love Frankie even more than I thought possible.

Watching my 3 year old baby adapt to his world literally being turned upside down with the addition of the little brother he’s been anticipating for all these months has made me so proud.

Having his big brother bag at the hospital for when he came up to meet his little brother definently helped, he also came with his chosen presents for Jack. Just look at his face, Mitch sent it to me after a long overnight stay and I cried until they got to the hospital! Frankie loves his vtech camera and it’s been absolutely perfect to play games/take photos on especially when I’m feeding Jack. Link to Big Brother Bag here.

He loves cuddling up with him on the sofa and stroking his ‘teeny tiny head’ (his words), I bought him the ‘Mrs Hinch’ grey caddy basket and he loves rearranging the nappies and wipes which only he is allowed to pass to me when I am changing Jack & as soon as Jack makes a squeak Frankie bombs across the room to make sure he’s okay.

It’s funny listening to him talking to Jack, I was initially worried to leave them both in a room together, Frankie is a loving boy but as he tried to give him a wotsit when they first met at the hospital to say hello, I felt wary, but two weeks in I can’t have eyes everywhere and I need to do the washing up and prepare dinners so ultimately I have to have that trust. You can guarantee I leave a room and come back in to check and he’s sitting next to him in his bouncer or sleepyhead chatting away to him.

Isn’t it funny how we always say to a baby ‘whatta matter’ or ‘you tell me, whats wrong’ and make shushing noises and our toddlers copy us. Frankie loves to exclaim ‘don’t cry Frankie’s here’ or screams ‘Mummy, he needs your booby’ across the room!

I struggled so much the first week home from hospital, after having an episiotomy, I couldn’t get on the floor to play with Frankie, barely cuddle him without wincing in pain, climb into his bed to read his bedtime story (though I did and it was painful) or bath him and that was my biggest obstacle coming home.

I made sure that we didn’t change his routine too much, we only had family and close friends visit that first hard week and no one after his bedtime, meal time stayed relatively the same for him and Daddy took him to nursery. I toyed with keeping him off for the week with me but I couldn’t do anything with him and routine is key for a toddler.

He really is the best big brother in the whole of the world, I’m so proud of him. x


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