Welcome to the world, Jack

Welcome to the world, Jack

Jack came into the world on Friday 31st May at 08:31am, weighing 7lb 8oz.

My heart has never been as full as it has been these past two weeks, I can’t get my head around how quickly time goes when you have a newborn, especially when you already have a toddler too.

Jack has beautiful brown eyes and a thick mane of dark hair, he looks just like his brother but a lot more like Mummy than he did. His features are darker and longer than his brothers and he smells gorgeously amazing, as do all newborns, nothing beats that smell does it!

Today we had the health visitor and midwife checks, he only initially lost half an ounce of birth weight and now weighs an unbelievable 7lb 14oz, the same as his brother did when he was born! I was absolutely convinced I was going to have a huge baby, especially when he didn’t come before the 38 week mark, he came the day before his due date at 39+6.

Unfortunately after an extremely short and intense labour, Jack was delivered in the delivery suite by forceps and I had an episotemy – two things I never ever planned for, especially when I wrote my birth plan. I am still to be frank, reeling from my awful labour and I don’t feel up to writing my birth story yet, but I will. I’ve had SO many lovely messages from so many other Mums who felt the same about their labours too which has been overwhelmingly comforting.

I’ve managed to exclusively breast feed Jack and it feels absolutely amazing, Frankie ended up with jaundice and under the light in a hospital stay a few days old so I combi-fed out of necessity and always regretted not trying to EBF for longer with him. This time round I feel so much more confident in my positioning and supply and I am enjoying the experience (now the toe curling first week is over!)

Being a Mum of two is the most unreal feeling, two sons, I just can’t believe it I could pinch myself, but it’s also absolutely exhausting. Especially the first week, I cried a million tears as I could barely walk myself to the toilet let alone cuddle or support Frankie the way I needed to or pick Jack up for feeds without feeling as though my poor vadge was crying.

But, we’re finding our feet, Mitch is back at work and we are slowly adapting our routine and way. They say it takes a ‘village’ but Frankie & Jack’s village whilst I’m on maternity leave, is me, their Mama. & I’m doing the best I can which is more than they could ever need. For the next 6 weeks, the washing up can wait, my carpets might need hoovering & the toothpaste stains in my sink may cover more of the porcelain than not but Frankie & Jack won’t remember any of that, nor will Frankie hold it against me the one time he had to wait 6 extra minutes for me to build a toot toot track or Jack that he had a full nappy longer than he should of because I was helping Frankie find his shoes.

Over and out from my newborn bubble x


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