Pregnancy Update – 38 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 38 Weeks

Oh my god. How hot has the last few weeks been? If my waters break then I am going to literally cry at pushing Kev out in this heat! I cannot believe I am 38 weeks pregnant, the same week I gave birth to Frankie but baby Kev isn’t showing any signs whatsoever of coming early, despite my earlier hopes!

Symptoms: My body temperature is at an all time high, my blood pressure is on the low side, I found my first stretch mark & cried for an hour, I never got them with Frankie.. On the whole I feel good in myself, until the temperature starts creeping up! I also have ‘pregnancy hay fever’, something I’ve never suffered with before I am now the proud owner of watering eyes, a runny nose and tickly throat and there is nothing I can do about it until he’s out!

Cravings: Weirdly not been as hungry as I have been in recent weeks, maybe a sign he’s coming soon?

Milestone: Just spending as much time as I can with Frankie before his brother makes his arrival. We’ve got everything we have for baby now, read it all on my ‘buying for baby post’ click here. Now we just wait!

Weight: Still creeping up & up..

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:  Baby Kevin is the weight of a small watermelon.

Sleep: Sleeping so heavily this week, maybe baby is letting me get some good kip in before he comes!

Frankie took this photo of me, I love it for the baby diary and photo album we’ve bought Frankie. Big Brother Bag, click here.

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