Buying for Baby

Buying for Baby

I keep getting asked what we’re using for baby this time around so here are some of the bits I’ll be using for baby & some new that I’ve bought:


We used the Chicco Next 2 Me Bedside Crib for Frankie & we will use it again for baby. I loved having Frankie next to me, especially for the night feeds! My main concern is how Frankie will react to baby sleeping so close to me, but I am sure he will find his way into the bed in the mornings still! I bought ours in Mothercare at an ‘Expectant Parent Event’ when they were still a ‘new product’ but they’re available everywhere now! Click to link to the exact one I have in Dove Grey. & the new model swings and has different levels too.
My main concern has been finding a replacement mattress for the Next 2 Me which has been a pain! I personally think a mattress should be replaced, especially for children as even if they’re stored in the cleanest house dustmites can still appear. After researching I was going to just purchase a mattress topper but was advised that children shouldn’t have a mattress topper before 3 years old as it doesn’t allow the mattress to ‘breathe’ whilst they’re on their fronts.

Mum & I went into Mothercare/John Lewis & other baby shops where the general consensus was that Chicco had only just realised the need for a mattress replacement so they weren’t yet available in shops. Mothercare really tried to convince us to buy a new Next 2 Me altogether, but there is nothing wrong with the one we have! But the lady in John Lewis was so helpful & advised us to go online and search, thus after hunting online (as they’re not yet available in shops & were sold out on the Chicco website) we ordered ours off of Amazon and it fits like a dream we just had to slot it into the wooden bottom. Link to replacement mattress, click here.

I still have a lot of sheets for the Next To Me from Frankie but you can buy them to fit here.

Changing Bag

Last time around I had the Silver Cross changing bag in Sky Blue, to match our travel system, but this time I wanted something more wearable with a toddler & a baby in tow. After seeing so many reviews on the ‘rucksack changing tote bags’ & seeing them on Amazon for less than £30 I decided that’s what I wanted but was sceptical on the price and quality but after ordering I am more than happy with our HEYI Diaper Tote Bag in Linen Grey & it was only £28.99. Here’s the link to our exact one – HEYI Diaper Tote Bag – Amazon.


I’m hoping to Breast Feed longer this time, I managed to combi feed Frankie breast & bottle for 4-5 months but he was a BIG baby, he skipped 6-9 months clothing and I couldn’t keep up so I swapped him to HIPP Organic and he got on great with it! Aptamil always seemed to upset his stomach. ‘Fed is best’ after all.. I hope this time I have more knowledge and confidence so our BF journey will be better! We were gifted the MAM 2 in 1 Breast Pump from Emma’s Diary and I cannot wait to try it out. You can buy it here. I’ll do a full review once we get started!

With Frankie I had a Boppi, but when I looked at buying a new cover for the old one it was just as inexpensive to buy a new one outright, so my Mum got me this one on Amazon for just £12.99, love the elephants design! It’s perfect to wrap round you when feeding baby, or balance baby in for tummy time or on the sofa etc. Buy it here.

I used Tommee Tippee bottles with Frankie & apart from a touch of colic where we dabbled with Doctor Browns he was always fine! Tommee Tippee now do ‘anti-colic’ bottles so when I found this ‘Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic Starter Kit’ on offer I grabbed it for baby as the anti-reflux filters help prevent windy bubbas. Buy it here.

We don’t have room in our kitchen for a big sterilizer so I’ve opted for the Tommee Tippee Microwave Sterilizer this time to save room on our sides and it works just as well as a big one & gets less limescale! Win Win. Buy it here.

I swore I wouldn’t use dummies, then two weeks in one night Frankie just WOULDN’T settle, so I grabbed a dummy and plonked it into his little mouth and bam, I was a Mum that gave dummies! We always used Mam Dummies and will continue to do so with baby, they go from newborn-6months, 6months-12months and then 12months+. Frankie got rid of his around his third birthday relatively pain free, read my blog post here. Buy MAM dummies here.

Washing & Nappies

At my Baby Shower, my stepsister bought us the Shnuggle Bath which baths baby up to 12 months. Buy it here.

Early on in my pregnancy I picked up the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System on offer, buy it here. It isn’t something I used last time but, we now live in a flat so worried about not being able to run stinky nappies outside and it has good reviews. I have been told by those who have one to purchase refills on Amazon, buy them here.

I used a mixture of Johnsons and Childs Farm with Frankie, we’ve been gifted Johnsons Cottontouch by Emma’s Diary and I was bought a lot of it at my baby shower so I am planning on using it for bub and it smells gorgeous!

The Rest

We purchased the Inguenity Smartbounce Automatic Bouncer for baby which has a lovely fabric, we loved the colour and has auto-bounce technology with 12 different sounds too. It was easy to put together and has so many different controls and functions for baby. Can’t wait to see him in it! Buy it here.

Link to what I packed in my Hospital Bag

Link to what I packed in Frankie’s Big Brother Bag

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