Pregnancy Update – 37 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 37 Weeks

Since going on maternity leave I have got myself into gear, baby shower has been and gone, boys bedroom is ready and set up, baby clothes washed and arranged & hospital bag is packed! I am so relaxed and happy to be on maternity leave, I definently needed to stop commuting & be at home to nest and relax! & I’m loving it.

Symptoms: Baby Kev is definently running out of room in there, I am having so much pressure down below & it’s been confirmed I am Strep B Positive again, read more on my Group B Streptococcus post, click here. We are just so excited to welcome baby into the world now & his brother is growing ever more impatient!

Cravings: Nothing has changed or grown I think my body is definently craving a good glass of red wine now though! & a rare steak, yummy!

Milestone: Watching him wriggle in my stomach is so much more visible now he physically whooshes from side to side, I just love it! Despite the back ache and exhaustion this pregnancy I really will miss having him wriggling about. I also found my FIRST ever stretch mark, I didn’t get any with Frankie but a purple sqiggle has appeared on my stomach this time around.

Weight: 13 stone 2lb.. & hopefully not much more

Keeping Healthy: I am just too exhausted now but I am continuing once baby is here.

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:  Baby Kevin is the weight of a swiss chard.

Sleep: I am sleeping better thank you to my Kally Sleep pregnancy pillow but I am still waking to wee every other hour!


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