Hospital Bag Packing

Hospital Bag Packing

Now I’m on maternity leave, I have finally packed my hospital bag. Despite being my second pregnancy, I had absolutely NO memory of what I packed to have Frankie so I’ve followed both the Emma’s Diary and Boots websites for guidance on what to pack! & thought it would be helpful to collate for expectant Mummies below –

I bought my hospital bag off of eBay, I didn’t purchase it solely to take to hospital, I needed an overnight bag & loved this one, it has different compartments, it comes in coffee and beige, is a cabin approved bag & was less than £22! Buy it here.

Essentials for you

  • Birth Plan
  • Maternity Notes
  • Nightie or t-shirt for labour (no point of taking matching pjs, you need your bottom half for delivery!) I have literally worn this Mama Bear nightie from Boohoo most of this pregnancy & pregnant or not usually find good ones in the sale in Primark!
  • An extra nightie or t-shirt.. (it can get messy!)
    I love these on eBay. Click here.
  • PJ shorts for afterwards (especially if you have to stay in)
  • Comfy outfit to wear after/ come home in (I got mine from eBay in Camel, so comfy to wear, baggy, good material and just £10!) Buy it here, click.
  • Hair band & scrunchies (you do not want hair flailing around when your trying to concentrate on pushing) I got these big velvet ones off of eBay. Buy them here.
  • Hair Brush (think of how knotty your hair gets in a spin class & x that by 100)
  • Pads (you haven’t had a period in 9 months..)
  • A few pairs of comfy knickers (as I’ve mentioned ^ you haven’t had a period in months..)
  • Lip Balm (Nivea pearl shine is my go-to, your lips will thank you!) I’ve also packed this Soap & Glory ‘melty talented’ balm which can be used on everything!
  • Flannel or sponge (for your birth partner to hopefully dab cooly onto your face.. or in my case throw it back at them!)
  • Shampoo & Conditioner (to wash your hair)
  • Shower Gel (to clean up afterwards) little bottles from gift sets at Christmas/Birthdays work best
  • Deodorant (to freshen up after.. or during)
  • Dry Shampoo (I love Soap & Glory’s )
  • Water bottle (with Frankie I didn’t but pouring out of those small hospital jugs into plastic cups is horrendous, labor is thirsty work!) I have this Love Island inspired one, click here.
  • Breast Pads (whether you plan on BF or not, those puppies are going to leak!)
  • Make up wipes (even if you have none on it’s nice to wipe your face!)
  • Phone charger (obviously)
  • Money (if your waters go and you aren’t prepared enough to remember your purse, that £10 note for a pack of mini cheddars in the machine will be a life saver!)
  • Flip Flops (you don’t want to walk around barefoot afterwards) I love my trusty Havianas. Buy them here on eBay.
  • Paracetomol (my midwife recommended both times to take your own as afterwards you may have to wait a long time for the midwifes to find a doctor to hunt down a doctor to sign off)

Essentials for Baby

  • Coming home outfit (Frankie wore a JoJo Mama Bebe sleepsuit, Kev has this starry Next babygro, Frankie chose for him)
  • x3 baby vests (newborn/0-3 months)
  • x3 baby gros (newborn/0-3 months)
  • 6-10 newborn nappies at least (meconium poos are sticky)
  • Nappy sacks
  • Cotton wool & wipes and toiletries (I was gifted this perfect sized set from Johnsons Cotton Touch with a changing mat too)
  • Baby hat (they will ask once baby is born to put it straight on)
  • Scratch mitts (they always fall off, but their little nails leave traces on their little face)
  • Bib (we were gifted the above three at my baby shower from Next)
  • Baby blanket (I slept with Frankie’s for the last few weeks before he came and doing the same with Kev) Frankie chose this star print blanket from Matalan
  • Cuddly toy (I’ve let Frankie choose, it’s a White Company blankie buddie & an elephant he had when he was born)
  • Muslin squares (first time Mum? Your new best friends.. There are never enough!)
  • Baby brush (I swept Frankie’s hair over, it was gunky but it was soft)
  • Baby Towel (just in case you stay in and they need a little clean)


NOW, I don’t want the Breast Fed v Formula debate on my blog.. This is solely what I did & will do again this time as I am hoping to breastfeed baby Kev longer than I did Frankie..

I was determined to breastfeed Frankie so I chose NOT to take pre-made bottles to the hospital with me, I was told by my midwife that IF I couldn’t lactate and baby wasn’t feeding well enough then they would intervene and have stock to help, but the lovely midwives came round, as did a lactation consultant & helped me with positioning and Frankie latched straight away. I had Lanolin nipple cream in my bag, but I didn’t need it as I was only in the one night.

My way of thinking was that if I had the pre-made bottles in front of me I would of chose not to encourage latching onto me, after a 30+ hour labour I most definently would of given in, but I didn’t! So I would encourage anyone that is determined to BF not to take in the pre-made formula.

I also packed an open fronted nightie so I could BF easily & will take with me this time. I got mine on eBay, I can’t find the exact one but here is one similar.

There are many pre-made bottles available in all major supermarkets if you choose not to BF whilst in hospital, they come in pre-sterilised bottles too.


  • Bikini top (I planned on a water birth with Frankie, that didn’t happen, but I bought this bikini top in anticipation from Accessorize and it’s being packed again!)
  • Snacks (labour is hungry work, we packed crisps, sweets etc.)
  • Squash (I am a juice monster)
  • Energy drinks (Lucozade is good)
  • Camera
  • Makeup (I took makeup but honestly didn’t look twice at it but it’s nice to have)
  • TENS machine (I never had one but helps with pain relief)
  • Birthing ball (my waters broke early so we didn’t have a chance to deflate and take!)
  • Handheld fan (I gave birth in November and I was SO hot..)

Further Tips

  • Set up a whatsapp group with the people that matter and make sure your birth partners are in it too to give updates without sending the same message on 10 times over.
  • Remember the car seat, you won’t be allowed home without it!
  • I also packed Frankie’s Big Brother Bag in my Hospital Bag so when he comes to the hospital it’s there & he can take pictures and feel involved. Blog post here to Frankie’s big brother bag.

Good luck expectant Mummies, let me know if this helps! & share share share. x

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