Pregnancy Update – 35 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 35 Weeks

Wow, it’s gone so so fast! Today 1st May marks my last day at work of maternity leave & also one month exactly until Baby’s due date 1st June! I am so ready to give up work, commuting on the trains into London has knackered me no end, I can’t walk in time to the hustle and bustle of the City anymore & though I’ll miss my morning Pret bakes & coconut lattes, it’s time to get home and start nesting properly! 

Symptoms: Sciatica is back with a vengeance, thank god for Kally Sleep sending me a pregnancy pillow, it has helped no end this week! Walking fast is just not an option & playing hide and seek running round with Frankie is so uncomfortable now, any sudden movements and I feel braxton hicks!

Cravings: I feel like my appetite is declining the closer due date is getting, well not declining.. Just eating normally I guess! Loving ginger ale atm though, yummy!

Milestone: Feet & Hands are starting to appear under my bra and it is so uncomfortable! I’m yet to catch it on camera but it’s so surreal seeing his little body movements.

Weight: & we’ve officially hit 13 stone..

Keeping Healthy: PT is going well, once a week and bought some resistance bands for arm exercises!

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:  Baby Kevin is the weight of a honeydew melon and should be around 5.3lb.

Sleep: Getting better, ish.. Still waking to wee more times than I’d like but there isn’t much room for bladder capacity down there!


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