Writing a Birth Plan

Writing a Birth Plan

When I had Frankie, we had our birth plan stuck on the front of our notes, as advised by my midwife and I really found that it helped me to stay focused (to an extent!) on what I did and didn’t want.

Every single Mum is different on what they want, don’t want, whether they want to do skin to skin, baby cleaned first, breastfed, bottlefed, no pain relief, epidural, so it is good to have a clear plan in mind when thinking of the birth you want to have.

Frankie’s birth didn’t go to plan, I ended up strapped to the bed on the labour ward, no water birth & I was induced, read it here . & this time I am hoping for the same birth plan that I planned for with Frankie, second is easier according to everyfuckingbody I have spoken to so here’s hoping! Fingers crossed.

A birth plan doesn’t have to be fancy, I literally wrote mine in a list format on Microsoft Word, added some blue font and printed it & put on the front of my notes. Mine is below –

As I said above every Mum is different, I chose and researched my birth plan options that I wanted. I personally couldn’t hack a needle in my back and the thought of being paralysed terrifies me so I don’t think I could go through with an epidural.

I loved having Frankie put straight onto me skin to skin after he was born, it also helped with his latch, but I have friends that opted for a clean baby before they had a cuddle.

There’s nothing more appealing to me than a hot bath, which is why I was desperate for a water birth but it wasn’t meant to be as I wasn’t dilating, so I am hoping this time to be in the water, but some Mums like to be on all fours, or on a bed.

Lastly, I would highly recommend looking into delayed cord clamping if you haven’t already heard of it, my best friend was training as a midwife at the same time I was pregnant with Frankie & I found the research showing that baby misses out on a large amount of blood stifling.

Of course not all births go to plan, but having it written up makes it clear cut for the midwife helping you bring baby into the world. I definently found it helped me somewhat when I was hysterically begging for it to stop & demanding every kind of pain relief that the midwives and my birth partners helped guide me away from opting against my birth plan & managing to deliver Frankie with no assistance.

Check out this post on Emma’s Diary for further help with writing a birth plan or ask at your next Midwife’s appointment for further support.


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