Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 34 Weeks

I cannot believe that in the next 6 weeks I’ll be a Mum of two! We’ve had such a fantastic Easter weekend, it’s been emotional for me, I’ve found myself getting choked watching Frankie playing around & arranging Easter bits for us to do thinking this time next Easter they’ll be two little boys in bunny ears hopping around! There’s been moments this weekend that I’ve felt uncontrollably guilty that Frankie isn’t going to be an only child anymore and will share the focus with his brother and others I’ve felt overwhelmed that I’ll soon be giving him a forever best friend!

Moments such as Saturday, we were at the pub having some lunch and Frankie was playing with some boys in the park, who went after a while and he was left alone & cried because he wanted some more friends, I kept telling him that soon he will always have his brother to play with & he couldn’t stop smiling and telling us all the things that he would show him and teach him, ‘but NO stinky nappies in my bedroom Mummy!’.

Symptoms: My back, thighs & crotch this week… OMG! I feel like there is so much pressure when I walk, chase Frankie, go up or down stairs & driving! A weekend of doing a LOT of visiting, sitting in pub gardens with family & garden chairs hasn’t done me the world of favours.

Cravings: Thank the Lord for Heineken 0% beer this weekend we’ve just had, I am praying to the Lord himself that there is NOT this kind of heatwave when baby Kev decides to make his entrance into the world! I gave birth in November last time & I sweated, I can’t cope with a 20+ degree day!

Milestone: Frankie’s last Easter as an only child! & feeling baby move around so so much has been lovely, especially as family have been around all weekend too.

Weight: 12 stone 10 lbs.. Up she creeps!

Keeping Healthy: I had my first PT session last week, working on my arms & am still trying to walk little and often! Easter definently has been an indulgent weekend, chocolate galore! Damn you Easter Bunny!

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:  Baby Kevin is the weight of a canteloupe melon & is apparently around 4.7lb (despite weighing in 4.12lbs at my 32 week scan!)

Sleep: What is sleep? I wake to wee half-hourly, there aren’t enough pillows in this land to keep me upright and comfortable & I keep dreaming that I am being chased. It just isn’t ideal!

Brother’s Bedroom: We FINALLY moved the bedroom around and once I finally hang some shelves this week I can share some photos!


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