Pregnancy Update – 32 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 32 Weeks

Wow the weeks are flying now! Frankie & I went shopping into Chelmsford with my Mum last week and bought loads of clothes and bits in the baby sales and ordered my baby bag, which I found on Amazon for a steal at £28.99 for a rucksack changing bag after reading amazing reviews, click here for link.

We had a 32 week scan on Monday, baby is measuring at 4lbs 12oz, nice (& big) and healthy! & growing as he should. It was so lovely to see him again, weird it’ll be the last time before he’s physically here with us! He wasn’t playing ball so we didn’t get any photos unfortunately and had his hands on his face, we didn’t see his ‘bits’ either, Mitch is still convinced it could be a girl as we haven’t visibly seen his willy but the sonographer was very sure in our 20 week scan!

Symptoms: I am sleeping with around 5-10k pillows to try and stay comfortable in the night, much to Mitch’s annoyance & still getting up constantly to wee despite trying to stop drinking before bed but I’m still retaining water somehow!

Cravings: I’ve gone off chicken again, totally! So I’ve decided to give it up altogether, every time I eat it I feel sick to the point where it’s better out than in so I’ll see if after pregnancy I like it again but for now I’m sticking to red meat only! No other cravings except Pret bakes first thing every morning!

Milestone: The arms and feet are starting to visibly poke through my belly now, I love it. I feel like I am starting to nest more and more now, random cupboards are being Hinched & organised and I’m going to start washing and hanging baby clothes this week.

Weight: 12 stone 7, so only crept on 1-2lbs ish this week. I was SO ill on Saturday though sickness bug so maybe that’s why I’ve plateaued this week!

Keeping Healthy: I’ve not ate very much at all this week, I had a sickness bug at the weekend & just started feeling hungry again now but I have booked a PT now to see weekly up until my due date to focus on my arms.. I am Maid of Honour in July for a really good friend & I don’t want bingo wings! I’ve already anticipated whats under the dress won’t be at it’s best BUT if my arms look good, I’ll feel good!

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:  Baby Kevin is as long as a kale stem & apparently should weigh 3.7 lb (scan shows he’s estimating at 4lb 12oz!!)

Sleep: I’m tired. The end.

Brother’s Bedroom: I’ve ordered a few bits this week, bunting from Hobby Craft, hessian print from Frames that Sparkle & box frames for the room.


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