Pregnancy Update – 31 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 31 Weeks

Hello April! I can actually say now that baby COULD be here next month, I really think he will be a May baby.. & only one month until I pack up work for maternity leave!

Writing this post after a lovely Mother’s Day! I DO NOT have great expectations for Mother’s Day from my other half.. My first Mother’s Day, he bought me a PLANT, from Asda & a bog standard Card Factory bear card ‘Happy Mother’s Day MUM’ – not even Mummy.. The plant cost £3 too.. & was dying.. Safe to say since then things have only improved thankfully, but yesterday he done well & was thoughtful so I’m happy! But I felt strangely emotional all day that it was my last Mothers Day as just Frankie’s Mum.. I think the single digits are affecting me & the realisation that 1 will soon becoming 2 is starting to dawn heavy on my heart.

Of course I am absolutely ecstatic that I am pregnant, nonetheless with a second SON! But Frankie has grown so quickly, I’ve blinked and my baby is now a toddler & soon he won’t be my youngest baby. He will be my big baby but always my first baby! Mums of 2+ I hope you understand my rambling!

Anyway.. Update @ 31 Weeks..

Symptoms: Midwife appointment last week confirmed baby is breech, which explains his dancing shoes reigning heavy on my uterus! He is growing perfectly and is where he should be on the growth chart again! Weeing is outrageous, my one kidney doesn’t help but fuck me somethings gotta give! Any backstreet catheter doctors, hit me up!

Cravings: Anything & absolutely everything, my pregnancy app told me I need to up my calorie intake (by 200..) I’ve taken that as you eat what you want girl.. Extra cheese? Yas.

Milestone: Mothers Day, as I explained above, my last as a Mum of one, lucky me. & my family are finally seeing him move in my belly which is lovely!

Weight: 12 stone 6 as of yesterday (morning) I then had a huge curry for dinner..

Keeping Healthy: I’ve enquired with a few personal trainers this week, baby Kev is due 1st June.. I am Maid of Honour for one of my best friends 13th July, so I need to get these arms toned! I am under no illusion that I will look like Ashy Bines once he’s out BUT I can start doing something soon!

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:  Baby Kevin is the weight of a coconut, about 3.3lb & has plenty of growing to do!

Sleep: DreamGenie has lost all magic, I am tired ALL the time. 11 days left at work though & counting.. Let the nesting commence!

Brother’s Bedroom: I had a HUGE session on Frankie’s bedroom and we took 3 big bags of toys, sheets, clothes to the charity shop so there is finally room! I’ve ordered lots of little bits from independent makers too so I can’t wait to share them with you!


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