Pregnancy Update – 30 Weeks

We’ve had such a busy 2 weeks I’ve totally neglected my weekly update, but there again not much has changed or happened in the past two weeks so you haven’t missed much! Just had the loveliest 12 days off work with Frankie but I am very aware of how pregnant I am getting now, time to reign it in (as much as you can with a 3 year old)!

Symptoms: I am weeing approximately every 12-14 minutes, night & day, the slightest sip of a glass of water & I am dying for the toilet, which is lovely especially when a toilet isn’t in a 100 ft radius. My body feels like it’s expanding all angles, bump, back, boobs, bum & all, baby Kev kicks ALL THE TIME & I mean all the time, it’s like he’s playing dancemat in my uterus at all hours of the day.

Cravings: Strangely starting to subdue now, I can’t get enough salt at the moment, everything tastes so bland, can not for the life of me know if this is normal or not, must ask my midwife this week!

Milestone: We just returned from Haven, Hopton Holiday Village & I felt SO emotional that it was our last trip as 3 before we become 4.. Frankie had a little two bed room, it felt strange as he’s stayed in caravans before & rooms with two beds but felt so incredible that the next time we stay in one he will have his little brother next to him.

Weight: I honestly can’t bear the scales right now.. Maybe I’ll look next week..

Keeping Healthy: My frequent bladder toilet trips must be rocking up some mileage for sure! I had the most jam packed 12 days off with Frankie, Trip to Sea Life London, Dear Zoo Live, Haven Hopton, Parks etc. I feel like I’ve earnt my exercise for the week!

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:  Baby Kevin is the weight of a cabbage, 1.3kg and measures 39.9cm head to heel..

Sleep: All the apps say tiredness becomes more of an issue around the 30 week mark, I am so exhausted & ready to give up work now, I still have 5 weeks left before I go on maternity leave & even then I can hardly spend my days nesting and napping before baby comes with my little whirlwind Frankie!

Brother’s Bedroom: All in hand, I plan to start sorting through clothes, toys etc. & hanging this week so watch this space!


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