Review: Dear Zoo Live

Review: Dear Zoo Live

We went to see Dear Zoo Live at the Towngate Theatre & we absolutely loved it! It was the right mix of fun & storytelling for little minds, especially if you know the book back to front the way we do!

The play follows the book with the added introduction of the character that writes to the Zoo to ask for a pet, his friend & the zookeeper Sam, who drives the truck to deliver the animals.

Throughout the play Frankie was engaged, amused & had a smile on his face, he enjoyed humming along to the songs relating to each animal and the dance moves. His favourite animal was the naughty monkey who played tricks on the characters which had him giggling away!

If you can, I would wholly recommend buying tickets for the family & if you haven’t already, buy the book and read along at home! Frankie loves to read Dear Zoo before bed and can recite it without the ability to actually read yet himself! Read my previous blog post to order yours –Dear Zoo – What we’re reading this week.

Dear Zoo Live – Tickets

*We were gifted tickets to see Dear Zoo Live & to run a competition, I wasn’t asked to write a blog post in return but I felt I had to share how great it was!*


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