BabyBallers Academy

BabyBallers Academy

Recently Frankie has been showing an interest in football, so I thought it was an ideal opportunity to take him to a BabyBallers taster class to see if he would enjoy it & he absolutely did!

I got him into his West Ham Kit & me and my little football boy arrived at the class in Runwell Sports & Social Club, held indoors during colder months thankfully, to a class of 6 other boys and girls and two coaches.

The class was well structured and imaginative, activities included the parents too which I personally like getting involved in, encouraging the tots to kick the ball through the goal (Mummy/Daddy’s legs), weave the ball through the trees (cones) etc.

The coaches use colours and numbers throughout the class too e.g. when the coach holds up the red cone ‘star jump’, when the coach says number 2 ‘hands on head’, which is excellent for their fundamental skills and learning.

I found the two coaches to be engaging and they went around striking up a conversation with all the children and encouraging their football skills if they started to waiver, as all toddlers do!

Frankie’s favourite part of the class was lining up his own goal at the end, he was thrilled and jumped around in true footballer style!

At the end of the class the ‘player of the week’ gets an adventure book and teddy to take home & take photos and write about what they got up to which I thought was a really lovely touch!

“Our moto is simple Learn Through Play. BabyBallers offers a wide range of activities that have many benefits to a childs physical, mental & social development. Our classes improve a childs coordination, balance, number/colour/body part recognition and more… Whilst encouraging child to child interaction, parent to child interaction, building confidence, teach teamwork and build new friendships. This is just some of the benefits to a BabyBallers class!”

The classes are grouped by age:
BabyBallers (16months – 2 1/2years)
MiniBallers (2 1/2years – 4years)
Ballers (4years-5years)

If you want to try a taster BabyBallers Academy class, find your nearest one here – they are dotted around Essex & beyond, most offer a trial session & sessions are £6.75 each payable termly.

BabyBallers Academy Website


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