Pregnancy Update – 27 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 27 Weeks

If I had a £1 for every time I get up in the night to do a wee I’d definently have enough by now to afford the latest Silver Cross on the market.. & a trickle comes out, I lay there BUSTING to go, when I get there *trickle, done* and then I’m wide awake again.. Oh the joys! My feet spent most of the weekend swollen, we had a wedding and I refused to take off my heels and I definently paid the price with my feet and back from dancing with Frankie for hours! But it was a lovely day!

Still loving chilli & strangely enough I’ve really wanted to drink Guinness this week.. Maybe the link between anaemia and iron in Guinness?

Kevin gets hiccups, daily, which I love! After eating dinner he’s at his most active that day and I love feeling his movements.

12st 2lbs and climbing.. But I’m healthy, so is Kevin, that’s all that matters! Pls don’t let me get to 13st…

Keeping Healthy
Two little walks last week on my lunch hour & we also took Frankie swimming over the weekend, so climbing in and out & chasing him from one end of the pool to the other has to count! Also, signed up for pregnancy yoga, namaste.

Fruit/Vegetable of the week
Baby Kevin is the same size as a broccoli head, or as Frankie would tell you ‘a tree’.

What is sleep? If I count sleeping upright on my 101 toilet breaks, then yes I’m sleeping well..

Brother’s Bedroom:
Picked up this cute hessian print from a fiverfriday from Frames that Sparkle, can’t wait to stick it in the box frames & I’ve ordered two more with Frankie’s name & a ‘TBC’ print when baby comes as we still haven’t decided on a name!


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