Pregnancy Update – 26 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 26 Weeks

Well 26 weeks has been a bit of a shitter if I’m honest, sick days at work & being put on bed rest + a hospital visit to ensure baby Kevin isn’t planning on vacating any time soon! But I am on the mend after a week of relaxing & taking it easy.

I am anaemic, which isn’t ideal but I’ve got iron tablets to take now. I felt like I was being so over-dramatic saying how tired I am, now it makes sense! I know being pregnant with a toddler & still working warrants fatigue but not to the extent I’ve been feeling! My back is still killing me softly but I still haven’t managed to get out to buy a pregnancy support so more fool me I guess! On the never ending to do list!

The chilli craving has come back, I must of ate chilli at least twelve times this week, con carne, tacos, nachos, jacket potato, I’ve ate it! & orange lucozade is just great right now.

Kevin has been kicking so much this week, Frankie is really taking notice & every morning we have to pull up my pj top and let him kiss him good morning and he presses until he kicks him back to ‘say morning too’! It is really lovely watching him share these moments with me. He also picked out this lovely outfit from F&F in Tesco with me for baby brother.

It happened, I hit 12 stone.. 12st 1lbs to be frank.. I said I’d be honest.. WAHHHH. Damn chilli…

Keeping Healthy
I managed a 4.16km walk on Monday whilst I was at work but as I’ve been on bed rest this week, it just hasn’t happened. The extent of my exercising is going to the bathroom 86 times a night & tossing and turning in bed…

Fruit/Vegetable of the week
Baby Kevin is the same size as a kale/red cabbage.

Now I have succombed and got the dreamgenie pillow back out, sleep hasn’t been too sad (bar the nightime toilet visits) but I am definently sleeping a little more soundly now which is great.

Brother’s Bedroom:
I made progress this weekend, I bought the anchor bunting for £2 & frames from Hobby Craft for the room, sold an unused changing unit collecting dust & replaced with a mamas and papas chest of drawers I found on FB marketplace for just £20! & finally got round to sorting these grey arrows I found on eBay onto the wall of Frankie’s bed. All a work in progress!

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