Pregnancy Update – 25 Weeks

Pregnancy Update – 25 Weeks

Saturday marked another week down, 25 weeks pregnant & god am I tired. Working is exhausting me, the thought of doing any housework makes me want to crawl into a ball on the sofa for the day & I have a new found obsession with ‘Call the Midwife’ which I am currently binge watching (not as often as I’d like) on Netflix, how have I never watched it before!?

Now I am getting bigger & there’s more to report, I thought I’d try and do a weekly/fortnightly update on me and my growing bump Kevin, fondly named of course by his big brother. Read my previous pregnancy posts here.

Have I mentioned how tired I am? I was convinced last week’s GTT blood test would come back that I’m anemic but after a follow up midwife’s appointment, I thankfully don’t have gestational diabetes or anemia, I’m just burning the pregnancy candle at both ends! Having a job in the City, 3 year old, home to look after & not taking it easy in any way shape or form isn’t doing wonders for my fatigue levels. I’ve promised Alan, my lovely midwife, to take it easier!
Sciatica is still a ‘thorn in my side’, literally. It’s agony most days & I’m just waiting for payday to treat myself to a pregnancy belt from Boots and I’ve booked in a pregnancy massage with a local salon which I cannot wait for!

I’m still packing away at least two bakery bags of white chocolate cookies a week from our local supermarket, I’m not ashamed to say I waited in M&S for 15 minutes on my lunch break for some freshly baked cookies last week.. Ok maybe a little ashamed.. See the post on my Instagram.

Baby Kevin’s kicking has hit new levels this week, he is a little wriggler, his favourite position seems to be head just below my breastbone as though he’s treading water – it honestly feels like someone is crushing grapes into wine down into my pelvis! But, it is lovely & I must say I adore feeling him kick and swim around, so does Frankie, he keeps asking to lay on his brother and giggles when he whooshes past his head.

Last year I finally got back under 11 stone, somewhere I hadn’t been since before I fell pregnant with Frankie, then I fell pregnant! I am happy that I am growing a baby, I am confident and comfortable in my own skin but seeing the 12 stone marker now looming on the scales is starting to petrify me! Especially as I am maid of honor for one of my best friends in July!

Keeping Healthy:
Following the above, I am trying to be healthier this pregnancy, of course the ‘eating for two’ excuse comes into play when I order a double cheeseburger chaser on the side of my big mac meal BUT I am eating more fruit and making sure that I try to walk more, especially on my lunches I love using Map My Walk to clock how many km I am walking and the map of where.

Fruit/Vegetable of the week:
Baby Kevin is the same sixe as a swede, weighs roughly 1.5lb and measures over 34.6cm.

Are we counting falling asleep sitting up during my many toilet breaks in the night? Then I still am getting nowhere near as much sleep as I’d like! Every position is uncomfortable, I think it’s time to welcome back my old friend the pregnancy pillow!

Brother’s Bedroom:
Though we only have two bedrooms, Frankie has got the biggest bedroom in the house & it is already all white and blues so not much will need to be done. But I am going to start getting bits in the next few weeks to turn it into a proper bedroom fit for two brothers so I’ll update it on here. Pinterest board in progress!



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        Haha most women feel that way during pregnancy. Should show share ur experiences and advice on our topic

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