The Perfect Insta Mummy

The Perfect Insta Mummy

One of my favourite Mummy bloggers to follow on Instagram, @luxefamily5 did one of her ‘livid’ rants yesterday aimed at a post on Netmums – ‘Anyone else sick of perfect insta mummy bloggers’ which compelled me to write a post.

I’m a huge fan of Luissa Zissman and her straight-forward approach to parenting too and I absolutely love watching her get into a rant about the ‘snowflake generation’, especially listening to her Loose Lips podcast with Anna Williamson. After watching her stories, she had tagged @luxefamily5 over a year ago so I clicked through and found someone new to follow.

If you don’t already follow Rachel Lalji, you should be, she took her 3 children travelling ‘luxe style’ last year around the globe and blogged their adventures on Instagram & their website – Luxe Family 5 and as an avid fan of watching how the other half live, I watched her stories day in, day out, feeding giraffes at breakfast, beaches in the Maldives, visiting schools in Kenya & running around LA.

Instagram has become a guilty pleasure for a lot of us, especially since the introduction of ‘stories’ we can watch endless hours of bloggers/influencers/celebs ranting and showcasing their lifestyles for hours on end but is it healthy for us if we all share the view of the woman on the Netmums blog?

I love watching Mums on instagram, especially since becoming a Mum myself, I love those such as, ‘theunmumsymum’, ‘georginaclarkeblog’, ‘rebeccaellenlamb’ etc. showing the reality of their lives, the bags, the mess, the tantrums & how their normal lives are. But I also love watching influencers such as Rachel Lalji, ‘sophiemaydickson’ and ’emileehembrow’, who live their normal life on a luxurious scale, big houses, designer clothing etc. BUT why shouldn’t they show it off?

The majority of people don’t seem to grasp the concept of unfollowing or deleting someone before they get ‘offended’. I’ve unfollowed celebrities that I don’t think are relevant to myself anymore, I’ve unfollowed old friends because I’m not interested in their lives anymore & I may of unfollowed women linked with Richard Madden… Not because I’m offended but because I simply don’t want to see it!

The lady on the Netmums account claims she means no harm, but why should she put down two Mums for sharing THEIR lives on Instagram? Who are they offending? She writes that one of @luxefamily5 struggles was her husband getting rid of an Aston Martin, I actually watched this particular story, she didn’t want to part with the car just as I was sad to see my 58 plate corsa go when the head unit went..

Sophie May Dickson doesn’t hide the fact she’s had a lot of plastic surgery or dresses her children in head to toe designer clothes , but as she quite rightly points out, who is she actually hurting?

As I said before, I love watching ‘real mum life’, some Mums share themselves breastfeeding, a mountain of washing up, poonamis, supermarket tantrums & bedtime trauma, just because it isn’t on their Instagram doesn’t mean influencers that have a nicer house than you don’t experience the realness that comes with Mum life. Just because someone doesn’t show the mountain of dirty washing doesn’t mean they don’t have it hiding away in another room.

What would I rather see on Instagram, a picture of piled up plates & a messy kitchen? Or a filtered photo on a NY street discussing the best hotels to visit with kids in the Big Apple? Depends on the day and mood! There’s nothing better than indulging and switching off from your own terrible two year old to feel comforted by another Mum on Instagram sharing theirs in the same position to make you feel less alone! But there’s also something nice about indulging in a bit of escapism and watching Luissa Zissman’s pantry goals & Mrs Hinch zo-flo her way round the house.

Wouldn’t we all love it if our baby dads had a job as successful as Rachel Lalji’s, the wardrobe of Sophie May Dickson and we had the money and flexibility to skip off on our world travels for the year, but we don’t. Am I going to cry myself to sleep over it? No. Will I continue to follow her account and watch her get livid over Maude? Yes!

If you are feeling inadequate over someone elses lifestyle you can’t blame that person for sharing their lives on a SHARING PLATFORM, do something about it, unfollow them, swipe past them or just do nothing at all. But don’t put down another woman for sharing their life.

It’s the 21st century, stop tearing down other women & accept all! & Rachel, if you ever read this I’d love a cocktail night with you Luissa & ultimategirlgang, now that would be goals!


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