Sciatica, you tw*t

Sciatica, you tw*t

I am 24 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of an ear of corn, weighs roughly 1.5lb and his little brain is growing rapidly this week, meaning he can take in our voices more and sounds.

The sickness I’ve experienced this pregnancy finally seems to be getting better but now I have a struggle of constant sciatica and going to the toilet every 12-24 minutes as sickness substitute!

I have always suffered with my back, I had swine flu at 15 years old which left me with ‘reactive arthritis’ which later formed into JIA aka ‘Juvenile idiopathic arthritis which in non-technical terms is a young persons rheumatoid arthritis, I was in and out of hospital for 3 years trying to determine why on earth my body was that of a 69 year old lady named Ethel, put on steroids and an awful drug called ‘Methotrexate’ which I would take once a week and would leave me nauseous and uncomfortable for the next 3 days. Before I reached 21 my arthritis was so bad that on a girls holiday in Ayia Napa I was pretty much ‘sun lounge’ bound for most of the trip, the White Parties and late nights had to go on without me & little old me had to stay behind in the villa whilst the girls partied the nights away.

When I found out I was pregnant with Frankie, I had to come off of steroids & following on from having him I never needed to go back on them! Pregnancy doesn’t ‘cure’ long term problems, but it certainly worked a miracle on me, I no longer depended on drugs for my arthritis and despite the odd flare up in the winter & the sciatica I’ve been left riddled with I was discharged!

At this point in pregnancy, as all the apps keep telling me, sciatica is a common problem in pregnancy and between the 18-26 week mark, the body begins moving and loosening the joints for pregnancy and preparation for birth which means a lot of discomfort for all 5ft 3 of me!

I work Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday and I am in agony in the evenings and even getting up and down from the sofa is a struggle. I dread waking in the night at the moment to pee (which is happening more regularly than I’d like despite limiting my squash intake) because the longer I’m in one position, the harder it is to get up!

My other half has taken to calling me ‘Gollum aka Smeigel’, google Lord of the Rings for those of you lucky enough to have never had to endure all 9 hours of the trilogy!

I’ve got a midwife appointment this week & I am going to bring it up again with him as day to day life is starting to drive me crazy and there’s just no let up! It rarely happens but Frankie actually fell asleep on me the other night & I was almost yelping in pain trying to lift him just to get him from the lounge to his bedroom, not cool, not cool!

I’d love to hear anything at all that has helped you! I sleep with a pregnancy pillow, I have enough paracetomol to keep me medicated until Frankie turns 4 and I’ve tried the tennis ball (didn’t work!)

thetwentyishmum x


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