Base Jump, Rayleigh

Base Jump, Rayleigh

Saturday morning and a rarity to have no plans at all, Daddy booked to take us to Base Jump in Rayleigh as Frankie has been showing a huge interest in trampolining at gymnastics & he wanted to see him in action.

Base Jump is the South East’s biggest trampoline park and lucky for us it’s barely a ten minute drive away!

We pre-booked our ‘Family Hour’ tickets in advance the night before for £7.50 each & headed for our 10-11am slot at Base Jump in Rayleigh. Not really taking into consideration that I am 24 weeks pregnant, we probably shouldn’t of had to pay for me as I just followed them around the park on foot but it was an afterthought & I didn’t want to spectate only from the viewing area anyway! You have to purchase their ‘base jump’ socks before going in but they can be re-used each time you go (if you remember them!) they’re just £2 a pair. Base Jump – Pricing.

There are 8 main areas, Freestyle, Dodgeball, Ninja Challenge, Battle Beam, Slam Dunk, Launch Area, Halfpipe & the Softplay.

Freestyle: 75 interconnected trampolines with angled walls and soft cushioned platforms to bounce to your heart’s desire!

Dodgeball: live balls thrown by two teams, the Court Monitors will help organise and run the games. Obviously with me being pregnant, Frankie only 3 & Daddy the only willing participant we didn’t get involved but it looks great fun!

Ninja Challenge: a rock wall, monkey bars, suspended ladders and swinging poles balanced on top of a foam pit. Frankie loved climbing the rock wall and falling down into the foam!

Battle Beam: loved this! Two foam pillows and you basically wack until the other person falls in and you win!

Slam Dunk: where we spent a lot of our visit, attempting to bounce the runway trampoline to put the balls in the basket!

Launch Arena: I was so gutted I couldn’t take a leap of faith into the 4ft deep soft foam pit, but watching Daddy struggle to get out after showing off with a big jump made my day! & Frankie absolutely loved throwing himself into the giant air bag!

Halfpipe: six interconnecting trampolines where you can show off your skills (if you have any)! Or in a toddler’s case, run up and down shouting HOOOO’YAAAAA!

Softplay Area: perfect for under 5’s to slide, climb, crawl & jump whilst we relaxed with a drink! Softplay is also included in the family hour sessions!

When we had just 10 minutes left, we let Frankie run riot in the Softplay Area and treated ourselves to a Rollover Hot Dog & a coffee. They have a selection of soft drinks, ice creams, cakes & a lunch menu. Base Jump – Jump Cafe.

There are also fitness classes on offer most evenings, Bounce Fit, Box Bounce and HIIT Bounce which I’d love to try out once baby has come! Base Jump – Fitness.

We had a lot of fun! & I can’t wait to come back once baby is out so I can join in too!

26a Brook Road, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7XL.
Base Jump – Website


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