No Two Pregnancies are the Same..

No Two Pregnancies are the Same..

Being pregnant for the second time is wonderful, having had polystistic ovaries from a young age, irregular periods & the fear I’d never be able to conceive once, let alone twice, is something I will never take for granted.. BUT second time round, it’s all so different!

The comparisons have already started – poor boy is going to have a complex before he’s even born!
‘Will he look like his brother?’, ‘He kicks a lot more than Frankie did!’, ‘I wonder if he’ll weigh around the same as Frankie did’, ‘He looks so different in the scan to your first!’.

He is already nearly has, everything.
No sacredness of the first pregnancy, going to Mothercare or Babies ‘R’ Us (may you rest in peace) on numerous occasions mulling over the latest iCandy or Bugaboo or choosing (& having the spare money) endless ‘cute’ outfits (which ultimately end up being a hindrance because cute poppers on the left hand side aren’t that cute when a poonami comes along). Courtesy of his predecessor, baby already has the essentials namely, the Silver Cross Pioneer, Maxi Cosi Car Seat, Next2Me & an outlet of clothes.

There’s no such thing as taking it easy..
Pregnant with Frankie, I researched what was advised that I could and couldn’t do. This time around, anything goes, I’ve whipped around softplay centres, ice skated, carried more than I should & don’t think twice when Frankie trips or slips at throwing myself down with him.

Frankie says ‘you can’t’ relax (literally).
There’s no such thing as ‘taking it easy’ when you’ve got a toddler, try as I may to concoct an exciting ‘pyjama’ day together to rouse him into a rare day time nap it fails every time!

This time around I’m not going into labour blind, I will not make any ridiculous comments such as ‘it can’t be that bad’, or boast about my ‘high pain threshold’.. I am TERRIFIED of labour because I know how much it hurts!

How laid back I am this time round.. (unless we’re discussing labour)
Every leak, movement or blemish panicked me pregnant with Frankie, I googled everything & I’m sure my poor midwife had enough of me! (though he’s my midwife again this time round, so maybe not! & yes HE namely the amazing Alan!)
This time around, totally reeeeelaaaxeddddd, I’ve got this!

Trust in thy self
I’ve been there, done it, got the t-shirt & I don’t need a parenting guide to tell me what I’m doing.
I may not be the perfect Mum, but I have raised a thriving (gobby & argumentative) but lovely threenager to date and I don’t doubt my abilities to raise a second boy the same.

I’d love to hear your main differences in pregnancies to date!

thetwentyishmum x



  1. February 5, 2019 / 5:26 pm

    My 1st pregnancy was easy. 2nd was terrible as iron was so low & had sciatica. 3rd pregnancy I was so ill will morning sickness that lasted 9months! Everything was different…

  2. February 5, 2019 / 8:04 pm

    Congrats on your second pregnancy with another boy!
    My daughter just turned 2 and I’m 18 weeks pregnant. We don’t know the sex yet though! Like you I’ll be happy with a boy or girl.
    So far my pregnancies have been about the same! Although I have popped more this time around. I’m also craving more spicy and sour food. Where as with my 1st pregnancy I just wanted sweets all the time!

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