It’s a… Boy!

It’s a… Boy!


So.. Baby number two is another baby boy! #mumofboys

I am beyond excited to welcome another son into the world and watch Frankie become a big brother. When I said I had no preference, I really didn’t have one, a girl would of been lovely but how amazing is it going to be raising two boys, they are going to be best of friends (I hope)..

Our scan wasn’t so straight forward, baby wasn’t playing ball whatsoever to help the sonographer to do all of her checks but luckily she was lovely & patient enough to allow me to leave the room three times to encourage baby to roll over thus getting me to run up and down the hospital staircase, eat a muffin, drink a cold drink & jump on the spot. Third time lucky we re-entered the room & she managed to get all of her measurements then asked us the big question, ‘so would you like to know the sex?’ to which we both nodded & instantaneously she said, it’s a boy!

I cried through happiness and surprise, the majority of everyone have told me, ‘that’s a girl in there’, ‘definently a girl’, ‘being sick this time? probably a girl’ & the differences in pregnancy, sickness, weight gain & feeling more wiped out than I ever did with Frankie, I convinced even myself it was going to be a girl! But no, he’s a boy & he’s perfectly healthy and wriggly.

We decided to do a ‘gender reveal’ for family only & mostly for Frankie’s benefit. In the past I hadn’t felt that strongly enough to do one but after showing Frankie some reveals on Instagram I knew he would love it. I had a balloon made by the lovely Leanne’s Balloons – Facebook, based in Basildon, Essex. I had to switch my phone to voicemail all day and ignore everyone as we didn’t even tell our Mums, I struggled but the look on everyone’s faces when they saw it was another boy was absolutely priceless!

We made sure we included Frankie (though being the petulant toddler he is, decided not to pop the balloon at the last minute) so when he saw blue balloons and shouted KEVIN it was so overwhelming and in that moment I felt just so lucky that despite ever thinking that I would struggle to have a child due to PCOS and irregular cycles, that we would be welcoming another SON into the world!

Because I have a brother, I’ll always have a friend. (& Mummy will be building tracks and cleaning balls forevermore)



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