Sounds Right Phonics, Benfleet, Leigh on Sea & Canvey Island

Sounds Right Phonics, Benfleet, Leigh on Sea & Canvey Island

Sounds Right Phonics Classes for Kids are the perfect encouragement for 2-4 year olds to prepare them for school.  A few months ago I recieved a message from  the lovely Lauren, who runs classes in the Benfleet, Leigh on Sea & Canvey Island area of Essex inviting us to come along to her Leigh class. All Mums with children of a certain age have most certaintly heard or watched youtube videos of letters and numbers in the shape of vegetables in the midst of Gabby & Alecks opening toys & kinder eggs but I wasn’t aware that there were classes in the area too.

Frankie had just turned 3 when we attended our first class & I wasn’t sure what to expect from him, or the class but I needn’t of worried. Lauren’s fun and high energy approach to learning held Frankie’s attention for the full 45 minutes & even now two months on still likes to remind me ‘a,a’,a ants on my arm’.

Sounds Right Classes start with the ‘hello song’, (which will stick in your head!) then by recapping the phonic learnt from the previous week & introducing a new one. Every letter has a catchy ‘jingle’ to go with it which encourages the children to link the letter & object used in the song. Lauren lets the children choose different objects from her bag, again engaging them to actively participate & choose which is the odd one out e.g. ‘D’, dinosuar, dog, dolphin, horse. The class then greet ‘Robot Reg’ who comes out and talks robotically thus encouraging the use of  phonics & another chance to participate in a game with flash cards letting the children run around and burn some energy before another round of learning more about the phonic.

The short bursts of play really help their young minds stay focused and in both the Leigh class & Benfleet class all the children are so engaged by Lauren they never play up! Once ‘Robot Reg’ says goodbye it’s time for the ‘Doh Disco’ where the children mould their dough into different shapes and dance around to disco songs with Lauren and pom poms! Parents get involved too which also helps their fine motor skills. Towards the end of the class we say goodbye and recap the phonic learnt during the class.

I cannot recommend Lauren’s classes enough, she has the right mix of spirit, fun and experience to keep a room of toddlers engaged by one letter, it’s fantastic. I wholeheartedly thank Lauren for how well Frankie is coming along with letters, numbers and phonics. We come away each week and let Daddy, Nannie, Grandad etc know what letter we’ve learnt and make an active effort to encourage Frankie to recap his phonic learnt and go back the next week with a story to tell e.g. ‘A’ we found in ‘Annie’ and Claribel (Thomas), ants in your pants etc.

We will continue to actively go until Frankie starts school to give him the best headstart with his reading and phonics! & when baby 2 comes I will still be able to attend without worrying about getting him looked after.

See the below timetable for local class times or visit their website for more.


Lauren has kindly offered a free trial session & 10% off a full term price if you quote thetwentyishmum upon messaging her. Here are her details – Benfleet, Leigh on Sea & Canvey Island – Lauren

Sounds Right Phonics Classes

*we were given a free trial to attend Sounds Right Phonics Classes by Lauren in exchange for some pictures and publicity only. I decided to write this blog post myself to showcase Lauren after being impressed by our free trial.*



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