The Gruffalo Trail, Thorndon Country Park, Brentwood

The Gruffalo Trail, Thorndon Country Park, Brentwood

The best way to enjoy a winters day, if you’re not enjoying a pyjama day on the sofa, is wrapping up warm and taking a walk with the kids. I am guilty, as are many of us Mums, of feeling guilty if we don’t do something ‘fun’ whether that be softplay, days out at amusement parks etc. But it also ends up costing a bomb & the kids aren’t always appreciative as we know!

That’s why Country Parks, such as Thorndon Country Park are so lovely to explore with the children. We went with our friends & Frankie and Poppy loved pointing out all the little birds and squirrels and kicking their legs around in the brown leaves.

As well as the wonders of nature, the prominent Gruffalo figures around the park are great to spot, especially if you’ve been reading the book beforehand. Encouraging the little ones to spot the characters in the woods and trees is great spotting the delight on their faces.

The Countryside Centre boasts a gift shop & a cafe selling jacket potatoes, sausage/bacon sandwiches, cakes, of course Gruffalo cookies & more.

You can purchase a Gruffalo Trail map for 50p & walk around the park as you please spotting The Gruffalo and friends.

There are toilet facilities, picnic benches, a BBQ area, dog activity trails, fishing & orienteering.

Parking is starts at £2.20 for 1 hour and increases by £1 for each additional hour, which I think is a bit steep but I understand the park is run totally by volunteers which is why the price is hiked. However, I do think if you purchase from the gift shop or say spend £10+ on lunch it would be a nice touch to have this refunded.

Lovely family trip out to keep coming back 🖤🌳🌲

Thorndon Country Park – Gruffalo Trail

Thorndon Country Park, Warley, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3RZ


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