Entering the Second Trimester, at Christmas

Entering the Second Trimester, at Christmas

Two weeks gone since Christmas Day, how quick has that gone? The decs are back up in the loft, wrapping paper & presents we spent hours poring over have been marked down 50% & we’re back to work with the festive season firmly behind us.


I always thought how cute a Christmas bump looked, dressed under knit jumpers, dressed up in glitzy Christmas do dresses & lovely pregnancy announcements under the Christmas lights, well, no, not for me. Being pregnant at Christmas, is quite frankly pretty shite! No mulled wine, snowballs, cheeseboards excluding boursin, brie & the good cheese, no pate or getting ‘festive’ just because it’s Christmas!

*mental note to self – if I am lucky to have another pregnancy and baby, do not get pregnant in a month that will affect Christmas*

I’m now in my second trimester, baby is cooking at 19 weeks & I am looking and feeling extremely pregnant. I can’t take a sip of a drink without automatically feeling though I have a full bladder, my stomach is swelling to new levels each day, baby is kicking & wriggling which is lovely, I can no longer into my normal jeans and do them up comfortably & I’m feeling breathless a lot of the time which isn’t ideal with an extremely active three year old but we’re making it work!

Only one week until we find out if it’s baby girl or baby boy in there & I just can’t wait! Frankie is still pining for a baby brother named Kevin (minions have a lot to answer for) but we did have a breakthrough last week when he said ‘a sister wouldn’t be so bad’, to which I asked what would we call her? & he responded ‘Kevin!’..


As for the sickness, I am still waiting for that to subside, travelling on the trains to work is leaving me with travel sickness every day which isn’t ideal as the trains seem to be so packed at the moment! I’ve tried ginger biscuits, wristbands & nothing seems to be aiding me so hopefully as the weeks go on the sickness will soon stop!

I’m still craving chilli con carne & prawn cocktail crisps and Pret are getting good business out of me as I’ve substituted my morning coffee (which still makes me feel sick) to a mozzarella and tomato bake!

I feel a lot more excited to start nesting and celebrating baby #2 now Christmas has gone and we’re in the New Year, though saying next year Frankie will start school brings tears to my eyes (also an absolutely emotional wreck, I cried at Paddington 2, damn you Aunt Lucy..) but it’s all starting to feel a lot more real now!

Bring on the next few weeks of midwife, hearing baby’s heartbeat again & finally finding out if I’m expecting another son or a daughter!

My First, First Trimester


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