Partyman World of Play, Basildon

Partyman World of Play, Basildon

Partyman World of Play is situated on the Burnt Mills estate, Basildon & is a great softplay centre with ample parking & facilities to take the little ones to visit. It’s perfect for sitting and keeping an eye on your little ones, especially if you have more than one as it’s so secure.


Frankie’s favourite thing to do is play in the ‘hovering ball’ area towards the back & feed the balls into the net at the top of the ball pit & drop on everyone’s heads! There is also a huge above-ground soft football pitch, climbing frames, zip balls, four slides top to bottom slides, a big tunnel slide & more.

There is also a huge mountain to climb with a tunnel slide (which Frankie used to be fearless to climb, my favourite ever video is him at 9 months, on the right, he had just started climbing and whilst I was enjoying my coffee he proceeded to climb the whole of the mountain causing a very panicked Mummy to go trawling after!)

The under 3’s area is perfect for tots and I used to favour bringing Frankie most weeks to the small enclosed area with a ballpit, slide & mirrors. We used to come most weeks when he was >3 as it never gets overly busy and you can sit and have a coffee whilst they potter about! & it’s always clean which is a massive plus as us Mums know all too well they are never always clean!

There is also three roleplay areas including a shop, vets and firetruck for the children to play in.

Their food & drink menu has a good selection and the portion sizes are massive! In light of my recent craving of chilli con carne (My First, First Trimester), I was disappointed not to see any more jacket potato options & that they had run out of coleslaw but wanted me to pay extra for cheese despite this, it was NYDay I let them off being out of stock, but the Panini and fries was lovely & Frankie enjoyed his Children’s Platter which I thought was a great idea as he just kept coming back to pick, as at all softplays they don’t sit still for lunch! Food & Drink – Partyman World of Play

The off-peak prices are reasonable at just £5.00 for Frankie & you can buy discounted tickets online, if you are more organised than I ever am to save ££ but I do think the peak prices, especially for Frankie’s age could be off-putting following our New Year’s Day trip costing us £8.50 for a two hours play, but the prices are in line with other local softplays for peak days! Book Online – Partyman World of Play

They also offer annual passes at just £6.25 a month for a years membership Partyman World of Play – Memberships.

They also have other softplays in Braintree & Lakeside and also other locations out of Essex. Locations – Partyman World of Play

I look forward to coming back over the coming cold months to let Frankie run off some steam!

Partyman World of Play, Website

Partyman World of Play Basildon, Burnt Mills Road, Basildon, United Kingdom, SS13 1LJ


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