Tis the season to buy presents

I love giving presents at Christmas, choosing and noting down throughout the year what presents I would like to give everyone & making it happen closer the time! Nothing beats going into a shop and finding an ideal present to gift a loved one! (especially TK Maxx).. Though I hate wrapping with a vengeance I do absolutely adore Christmas shopping, here are a few bits I’ve bought for Frankie and others.


As his birthday was only at the beginning of November, I’ve chosen not to over-indulge on physical presents again (one because of lack of space and two he has so much already), instead opting to buy little presents & put the rest of his birthday money and ours and buy a 360 Play annual pass (links to my blog post) which I know we’ll benefit from massively and his big present from Father Christmas is a bike which we are currently tossing up between Paw Patrol & Thomas to be picked up Friday which I know he’ll just love! I can’t wait to get our coats over our pyjamas Christmas morning and ride his bike up and down the street.

Here are a few of the toys I’ve bought him for his sack on Christmas, the link to what he got for his birthday is here just click, if you have a 2-5 year old I wholly recommend the ice cream truck, Frankie just loves his and it’s inexpensive!

crazy toaster

Crazy Toaster – £12.49 Argos – Crazy Toaster

Frankie has seen the advert on Nick Jr, Milkshake, etc & has said he wants it! He loves boardgames and is starting to get the hang of playing properly so I thought this would be a fun one for Christmas Day!

sea monk

Sea Monkeys Volcano Zoo – £11.99 Argos – Original Sea Monkeys Volcano Zoo

Frankie is obsessed with ‘growing’ and nurturing his stuffed toys & I remember how fun it was watching sea monkeys hatch and grow so I’m hoping he’ll enjoy setting his tank up and waiting for them to hatch!


Radio Control Inflatable Minion – £9.99 Amazon – Inflatable Minion

The Minions are still taking over the household & I know Frankie will love controlling Stuart to run in and out of rooms (until he ends up popping it!)


Magic Tracks Tunnel Accessory Kit – £9.99 – Argos – Magic Tracks 2 for £15

Frankie got two sets of Magic Tracks for his birthday & we love placing them together and building tracks so I thought this Magic Tracks accessory kit would be fun to make tunnels!


Moana Microphone – £13.00  Argos – Moana Microphone 2 for £15

When we bought ‘pum pum’ the Build-a-Bear  Birthday Bear (link to blog) Frankie made sure it had the Moana song instilled so I thought he would love this Moana microphone which plays tunes & can be plugged into a phone so I can play his favourites. This was also on the 2 for £15 offer at Argos.


Paw Patrol Kids Bike – £95 20% off BEFORE CHRISTMAS – Halfords – Paw Patrol Bike

Frankie’s main present from Father Christmas & Halfords have 20% off at the moment too! We tossed up between Thomas & Paw Patrol but this one is cuter!


As most of my family do, I hope, read my blog posts I won’t be naming who I’m buying for but here are some of the bits I’ve bought this year!

Getting Personalized Family Calendar – £14.99 – New Edition Calendar – Getting Personalised

If you are reading this Mum you fully well know that I have bought you one every year but it’s such a fab inexpensive gift that you can tradition each year! Every month your family names are on different backgrounds, pumpkins in October, Flip Flops in Summer etc. & my Mum cuts them out each year and puts them in frames, i.e. last year was deckchairs so she cut them out & they now sit in a frame in the bathroom!


Calvin Klein Joggers – £39.00 – House of Fraser – Calvin Klein

House of Fraser unfortunately announced the closure of some stores over the UK but fortunately for shoppers there are huge bargains on named brands such as these Calvin Klein Joggers.

More to add x


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