Ho, Ho, Slo’ Down!

Ho, Ho, Slo’ Down!

Is any as bemused as I am as to where on earth this past month has gone? Honestly have I slept for half of it? I cannot believe in four short days it’ll be Christmas Day & all the manic preparation that is December will be over!

I’ve found it difficult to embrace Christmas fully, I feel like even now my Christmas spirit level is bordering at just 60% and that is only because I have to because of Frankie, I can’t work out whether it is due to the fact that I am pregnant and can’t celebrate fully by drinking my bodyweight in wine & eating pate, that it has just come round quicker than normal or most probable that this is the first Christmas without my Nan who we lost back in February.

Like most people, I adore Christmas, the smells, the sights, the general festivities but the onslaught of Christmas decorations, pressure and advertising also makes it so frickin hard to get into the season naturally, it’s almost forced upon you in late October & you tell yourself (like I did) every time you see an advent calendar, I’ll get one nearer the time or some nice cards, I don’t need them yet! Then before you know it you are rushing around mid-December trying to make it all happen!

I decided against Elf on the Shelf again this year, instead settling for a £1 shop advent scratchcard to rub off whether Frankie had been a good or naughty boy that day and stuck said elf ‘on the shelf’ to watch over him (it’s freaked him out every shop we go into to see 100 staring back at him!)

We’ve seen Santa most days we’ve been out, he’s been in shopping centers, supermarkets, visited his nursery, went to the Marsh Farm Experience, which was fab & garden centers but he wasn’t keen on the big man in red, maybe next year!

Every other post on Facebook is another person trying to outdo the rest of their friends list on boasting the piles of presents, the volume of shit they’ve put into a Christmas Eve Box (which I have felt compelled to do this year) and last minute panics because you can’t remember who did that original post on bastard reindeer food thus remembering the recent RSPCA warning on wildlife and glitter!

We went to panto & saw Jack & The Beanstalk in Colchester, which Frankie loved to hate, went ice skating, which Frankie loved! Visited London lights, made Christmas cookies, painted pictures, had some beautiful Christmas photos of Frankie done but still it has totally crept up out of nowhere & I still have a ton of wrapping to do!

I’ve had to make mental notes & physical reminders in my phone to book earlier next year, I cannot believe the waiting lists & ticket backlog of some attractions open just at Christmas. I wanted to book us to go on The Polar Express Christmas experience, you have to book in JANUARY, 1) who has money in Jan? 2) who has money in Jan for Christmas the following year? 3) are your credit cards not maxed out like mine?

Today is my last day of work until the New Year, woop to the woop de do! Saturday we have breakfast with Santa booked & a Christmas party, Sunday a day of wrapping, Christmas crafts & then it’ll be Christmas eve Monday! My plan is to take Frankie on a ‘magical lights’ tour of the brightest houses in our area & watch a Christmas film in our pjs! Perfect!

This time next year I’ll have two little people to entertain at Christmas & double the magic (and double the brie & baileys to compensate for missing out this year!)

Merry Christmas to every single one of you that have read my blog this year & here’s to next year being even bigger! x x


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