My First, First Trimester

My First, First Trimester

The secret is finally a secret no more, Baby number #2 is coming & due 1st June 2019 and we couldn’t be happier! This pregnancy has been completely and wholly different to my first with Frankie, as we didn’t find out that I was pregnant until I was 17 weeks, the First Trimester had been and gone by that point, How I found out I was pregnant with Frankie so finding out this time at barely 3 weeks pregnant has been a new experience for me!

We found out the day we went to Drayton Manor, back in September, so this already feels like the LONGEST pregnancy in the world! Just close friends and family knew, both sets of Grandparents were over the moon, as were aunties and cousins & on my birthday night out in October I decided to spill the news at my ‘prosecco brunch’ by using the singer over the mic to explain to my friends that I wouldn’t be drinking any Prosecco as I was around 8-9 weeks pregnant, their faces were amazing, it was great! I am so glad I decided to keep it close until after our 12 week scan at the end of November until we told the world!

Apparently baby doesn’t like me drinking coffee, the week that followed finding out i found myself heaving every time someone drunk coffee near me or walking past a Costa Coffee (I am wholeheartedly gutted that I’ve missed both Pumpkin Spiced Latte season & my yearly favourite Egg Nog Latte from Starbucks) but at least my bank account is surviving the festive season a tad better! I’ve gone totally off of chicken, the smell alone makes me want to retch and despite avoiding chilli con carne for the best part of my 26 years, I now can’t get enough of it, especially on a jacket potato! YUM!

I have POPPED this time around, bearing in mind I am only 16+2 and didn’t find out with Frankie until I was 17 weeks, I cannot believe how big my stomach looks and feels already! They say you pop with baby number 2 and aint that the truth!

The sickness I’m experiencing with this pregnancy too is off the chart compared to my previous, everything and anything makes me feel sick, smells, the look of something or just walking past a drain is enough to send me wanting to put my head down a toilet! It’s definently making life hard with a hyperactive 3 year old to keep up with on top of feeling nauseous for most of the day!

I feel so fortunate to of fallen naturally again despite having PCOS and only having around four cycles this year but being pregnant over Christmas is a BUMMER compared to my measly ‘5 months of pregnancy’ May-Nov in 2015. I want to drink mulled wine by the gallon, I have treated myself to some winter spice Ribena to fool my mind, though it’s just not the same! I’m already missing Brie & Brussels Pate and I’d love nothing more than to dive into some soft cheese and meats but strictly cheddar & edam for this mama!

This week I’ve felt the odd ‘flutters’ though I can’t be sure it’s baby, but I like to think it is! They say you feel baby a lot quicker second time round because you know what you are looking for and I am sure it’s baby’s way of telling me they’re okay, after all, with Frankie I started feeling him just two weeks after finding out, so I always knew I could kick the counts and feel him moving about.

We’ve decided we will find out what baby #2 is after much deliberation, we found out with Frankie and despite initially thinking maybe this time not to, I know I can’t wait another 24 weeks to find out I am just too impatient! So now to anticipate the next scan letter arriving at home and then we find out if we are team blue or team pink! I really have no preference, the amount of people that have said ‘oh you must want one of each’, ‘a girl and a boy would be lovely then you’re done!’, NO I am more than happy if it’s another little boy, I have always said I’d love a brother for Frankie and of course I’d love a little girl but you can’t pick and choose & I’ll be MORE than happy with what we are given.




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