twentyish Christmassy Things to Do

twentyish Christmassy Things to Do

With everyone keeping up with the Joneses this Christmas, it can end up costing an absolute bomb, here are twentyish inexpensive things you can do with the kids this Christmas & I guarantee they’ll love them:

  • Make hot chocolates and have a pj day with your favorite festive films (Christmas Pyjamas of course). Buy snowman shaped marshmallows for topping & colored sprinkles.
  • Bundle the kids in the car in their pyjamas before bed, it’ll feel like an adventure, drive the streets and spot the best Christmas lights. Check your local Facebook groups, we have tons in our area boasting Christmas lights for charities, if you are local, Pebmarsh Drive, London Road, Southend road in Wickford & Pound Lane in North Benfleet are firm favorites!
  • Visit your local garden centre and take pictures in amongst the Christmas scenes & if they’re good let them pick a decoration. Make it an annual tradition and use a marker pen to write the year and their initial on the back, you’ll remember even if they don’t.
  • What feels like a never-ending list from school of children to write cards to, make it fun for them (& bearable for you than writing out 30+ cards!) buy some card and encourage them to create their own. I love this reindeer footprint idea from Emma Owl – Reindeer Cards – Emma Owl.
  • Download the Official Norad Santa Tracker and encourage the children to see where Santa is in the lead up to Christmas. Norad Santa.
  • Write your letter to Santa, Royal Mail offer a service where you actually receive a letter back from Father Christmas! Post Office – Write to Santa.  Or you can post them under the tree for the elves to collect!
  • Find your local Rotary Club Santa date & take the little ones, they are free & the volunteers absolutely adore visiting your little ones each year! Rotary Club – Santa.
  • Make your own gingerbread house, you can find them for as little as £4 in most supermarkets. Aldi – 3D Gingerbread House Baking Kit.
  • Encourage your little ones to have a clear out before the big man comes bearing gifts and donate their toys to local mother and baby hostels or charity shops in need. Make a big deal out of how selfless they are, create a certificate for the elf to deliver the next day for doing a good deed!
  • Make Christmas Cookies and let the kids decorate their own to give to Nanny and Grandad. Cookie cutters are available in the £ shops and most supermarkets.
  • Utilize your weekends, take time to scope out local free Christmas fetes and events to take the children to, the best Christmas atmospheres are always found at these type of events and you may find some last minute Christmas Gifts!
  • Paper chains! A past time I remember doing every Christmas, adorning my poor Nannie’s house top to bottom with multi-colored paper! EVERYWHERE sells multi-colored card, but if you are all for an easy life, you can also buy ‘pre-cut’ paper chain kits now!
  • Stick on the Christmas music channels and let the kids take in all the golden oldies, Rock around the Christmas Tree and Simply have a Wonderful Christmas Time. Dancing keeps you young! & the kids will love it. (even if Frankie hasn’t stopped singing Paul McCartney the past two weeks).
  • Ask your little ones what they would like to buy for Mummy, Daddy, Nanny, Grandad, Aunties and make a list to pop into their Christmas Cards. Upon shopping with Frankie, the suggestions he came out with made me howl with laughter, I thought it was a nice touch to share with Nanny that Frankie thinks she ‘NEEDS’ a mop for Christmas! (we didn’t buy Janice a mop).
  • Let the children have their own fairy lights & tree up in their rooms. Frankie has this ASDA blue tree, £6 and let him pick his own decs including a burger and sweets, not sure if Jesus would approve, but it made him happy!
  • On the subject of Jesus, remind yourself what Christmas is all about, or learn what Christmas means for other religions. Teach the kids it isn’t all about presents or even better find and buy a Nativity scene for them to create.
  • Make your own Christmas Stockings. Hobby Craft have a wide range of bits to choose from & you can keep it for years to come! Hobby Craft – Christmas Stockings
  • Snow Angels & Snowball fights (if we are lucky enough for a White Christmas this year!
  • & last but not least and arguably the most important one of all. ENJOY TIME WITH THE FAMILY THIS CHRISTMAS. Take time away from the gram, turn off your notifications, stop aimlessly flicking, be present, in the moment, with the children & feel every inch of the Christmas magic that they do.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

thetwentyishmum x


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  1. December 9, 2018 / 9:47 am

    💛 this!

    Such achievable task that we ensure you’re enjoying time with your little ones, at Christmas!

    Enjoy every minute with Frankie☺️ X

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