The Father Christmas Experience, Marsh Farm

The Father Christmas Experience, Marsh Farm

If you are looking to take the children somewhere they won’t forget this Christmas, The Father Christmas Experience at Marsh Farm has to be top of your list! We had an absolutely magical time! The amount of effort, detail & landscaping of the whole ‘set’ is just fantastic and worth every penny!

The Elves work so hard to make sure the children are involved and enjoying themselves and in particular the lovely Sugar in Mother Christmas accommodated Frankie’s dozen toilet requests without grumbling, so thank you! Muffin & Buzz are full of enthusiasm and giggles, I have no idea where they get their energy from, they’re fab!

The Father Christmas Experience starts in Passport Control where you are given a drawstring bag, passport with stamps to collect and a pencil. Unfortunately we arrived as our group were being ushered through the doors into the next scene of the Experience due to Frankie melting down outside because he wanted to go on the closed carousel but the room was thoughtfully decorated with props and hay to sit on.

Through the doors to Elf Academy Muffin & Buzz hilariously put on a slapstick and giggles show for the children, falling over themselves and they hand out magic wands to each of the children once they ‘graduate’ which they can put into their bags.

Once you graduate you are taken on a journey to the Enchanted Wood where you pass snowy covered trees and there are picture opportunities on the walkthrough for you and the little ones. In the Enchanted Wood the elves encourage you to use the magic wands to make it snow and it fills up like a snowglobe! Frankie found this a little overwhelming, as it’s a dark room too but he was the youngest in our group at 3 and he is a bit of a wimp when it comes to the dark! The trapeze show by the fairies is magical, a lot of ooh’s and ahh’s were echoed around the room!

Exit the Enchanted Wood and you are on your way to Mother Christmas who lives in a Gingerbread Cottage in Elf-Ville, you enter and take a seat to watch Mother Christmas work her magic with the children, the elves Sugar & Spice are on hand to help sing a song to help her cakes rise’ SCOOP SPREAD OVEN BAKE’ will echo your ears for hours afterwards I assure you, and the children use their magic wands again to help! They then take a spot on the workbenches and make their own Gingerbread Men with the elves help!

When the gingerbread men are made (eaten), a walk through the snowy forest and the children await their names to meet Father Christmas in his Grotto. Upon purchase you are asked what they want for Christmas and their interests. Our Father Christmas was so patient with Frankie, who excited prior to entering the Grotto totally froze when we got in there! He even sung Happy Birthday to him when Frankie opened up and we were in there a good 10 minutes, he was adamant to take our time and was happy to pose for pictures until Frankie half smiled! He even gave Frankie his lamp to guide himself out to make him happier. Myself & Frankie’s Auntie, who came with us, got two boxes of fudge too! He gave Frankie a ‘Snowie’, and explained for him to go and choose a toy when he left and he will see him soon!

An elf then guided us into the make-a-bear workshop where we were given a brown bear to stuff. Having visited Build-A-Bear for Frankie’s birthday the week previous he was really excited to do it again! We were asked to pick a sound at an extra cost of £3, we chose Jingle Bells & the Elves then helped to stuff him and kissed a heart to make him come alive. I did like the elf outfits, which are an additional cost, but Frankie said he didn’t want to dress him!

Once we had our bear and was given a Friendship Certificate we entered Elf-Ville where the Elves were having a snowball fight which they included Frankie in and into the Toy Shop to spend our Snowie. There is a large selection of toys and we picked a puzzle track set. Our Father Christmas pictures were ready at the desk and the prices ranged from £7+, we chose to have the photo only as Frankie’s face wasn’t the most excited in any of the pictures!

Our Experience was booked for 3pm, my only regret was that we didn’t book an earlier time slot and take advantage of walking round the farm first (& going in the park which is the reason we were late to passport control as a certain terrible toddler tantrum delayed us!) and by the time we got out all the animals were getting tucked up for bed!
In my defence, I landed from Budapest into Southend Airport at 1:50pm so I did well to pick up Frankie and get to Marsh Farm for 3pm but I was too excited to book it for the following weekend! Everyone knows a toddler isn’t always on their a’game, I love this picture of Frankie and the Elves, it sums up how tired he was toward the end! Ha ha..

In my opinion, as a mother of one, the Experience is worth every penny. However, if you wanted to take 2+ children it is an expensive way of doing a Father Christmas experience BUT if you aren’t the type of family that do 4 department store Santas, one at a garden centre and another two with Nanny & Grandad and you want an experience for the whole family, you simply must book this one! The price includes so much attention to detail, the bear, fudge and present too!

You won’t regret it & Frankie has not stopped talking about it! It really is a memorable way to see Santa this year. I’m sure it’ll become our yearly tradition now!

Marsh Farm – The Father Christmas Experience



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